Management as a Profession Essay

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( Finally, the Asian Association of Management Organisations (AAMO) a collective of national management professional organisations which include 17 member nations including Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mongolian, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Taiwan, offers particular information and networking among members regarding professionalization of management, further education and trends in the region. The organisation is a leader in the region, particularly for their work in developing the capability index (the basis for the earlier AU research data) which clearly develops those core elements or as they put it, major drivers in management capability to provide profitable business growth or other defined success in non-companies. The eight major drivers with corresponding rankings are: Visionary & Strategic Leadership 15%, Performance Leadership 10%, People Leadership 10%, Financial Management 10%, Organisation Capability 5%, Technology & Knowledge 5%, External Relationships 5%, Innovation-Products & Services 10% and then the data area Results & Comparative Performance 30%. These various areas are well defined and determined by the index and it is difficult after having looked at management as a profession in a general sense not to notice the fundamental areas as reflective of the desire to develop many of the aspired standards for management, i.e. A core set of Knowledge that is accepted and recognized by all, integration of leadership and innovation in general and several other facets that detail the growing trend of professionalizing the management field. (Though this organization also seems to recognize that the question about granting authority in the field should continue, as is stressed by Khurana, & Nohria as well as others should still remain to be within the discretion of the organisations themselves, i.e. no ultimate plan to nationally or internationally license or certify managers as each individual organisation should retain the right to seek those they believe have the best fit for the job. (


TOPIC: Essay on Management as a Profession According Assignment

The vast number though relatively constant challenges of management are thought of by many as core sets of characteristics associated with management as a profession. Though theory and practice can vary the reality is that the managers of tomorrow need to redefine and reassert both the importance of their role and the demands of both continuing formal and informal education. Though there are movements within the management theory sector to license/certify management and business programs and even test individuals leaving them most experts would like to see individual organisations continue to be allowed to choose individuals with or without formal education, as per the needs of their organisation. Most importantly this work has detailed the need to redefine and even raise management to a new level of respect, i.e. recognizing that like any profession there are both good and bad practitioners and constantly strive to demand the former to fill important management roles, thus ensuring the rise of management as a recognized and respected profession.


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