Management Stages of Change: How to Foster Thesis

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Stages of change: How to foster and support change in the life of a thirty-year-old HIV-positive man refusing to take his medications

Change rarely happens swiftly in an individual's life. However, in the case of a thirty-year-old man refusing to take his antiretroviral drugs, it is only natural for a caseworker to wish to hasten the man's progress in moving to a positive lifestyle change, given that a delay could result in a compromise of the patient's long-term health. According to James Prochaska and Carlo DiClementea's studies of drug abusers, the stages of change when an individual embarks upon a profound shift in behavior and lifestyle are: precontemplation (or denial), contemplation (awareness of a problem but uncertainty about the feasibility or desirability of change), preparation and determination to make a change, taking action and having the willpower to change, maintaining the new behavior, and relapsing into the old habits (Kern 2008).

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This model suggests that it is critical to determine why the patient is not taking his medications, to move him out of a state of denial and precontemplation. Does the act of taking the medication uncomfortably affirm his illness, in this patient's mind? Or is he depressed and suicidal, and is refusing medical treatment as a passive form of suicide? Dealing with the reality of his illness as a chronic condition but not a death sentence, and affirming his right to live, when perhaps his partner or friends have died, is vitally important. Unlike a drug addiction, which often has a physical component, refusing to take medication is more likely to be rooted in psychological barriers, although financial or social pressures may also have their influence on the patient's noncompliance.

TOPIC: Thesis on Management Stages of Change: How to Foster Assignment

Once these initial psychological barriers are addressed, and the caseworker has a better idea of why the man is not taking his medication, the caseworker must help the man contemplate how to make a change and convince the man of the feasibility of overcoming logistical barriers to taking his medication. Helping the man find financial access and transportation to affordable healthcare clinics can demonstrate how change is easier than the man thought. During the contemplation… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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