Management Strategic Management Drawing Upon Your Own Thesis

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Strategic Management

Drawing upon your own experience with a business or other organization, explain the concept of organizational culture and outline what must be done to sustain an effective culture. When new leadership comes in and takes over the helm of an organization, does it [i.e., he or she] have an obligation to sustain its culture, or to re-shape it, or & #8230;. Explain.

The organizational culture of an organization is basically the personality that the organization has. A culture is made up of the assumptions, values, and norms of organization and its employees. The culture of an organization is usually very easy to sense. It is often hard to define but is very easy to sense. An effective corporate culture can be sustained by good leadership and management along with open communication. Effective leadership that facilitates open communication that flows in both directions is sure to propagate a good culture. When new leadership takes over a corporation they have an obligation to assess the current culture and make changes when necessary. If the company has a good culture that is working for them, they it should be left along. But on the other hand if things are not working well then a shift in culture may be necessary.

2) What is a top management team [TMT] and how do such teams affect company performance and the ability to innovate and make effective strategic decisions? Also, describe an example of a TMT that's doing either exceedingly well or, exceedingly poorly at drawing upon your current business reading or a firm you are familiar with.

A top management team is made up of key individuals who are responsible for selecting and implementing the company's strategies. This team is responsible for innovating and making decisions that are effective for the company. Many top management teams find it difficult to work as a team. Because each member of this type of team is used to being in charge and having everyone else listen to them, they find it hard to listen to others when working in a group. This dysfunctional group dynamic is what often leads to errors in judgment and poor decisions being made. It is ultimately the poor team process that is going on over anything else. It is the fact that these individuals cannot work together as a group… [END OF PREVIEW]

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