Management Strategies the History SWOT

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After the tactical shaping, is the implementation of the contingencies. The aspect of governing is analyzed and deliverables are confirmed. The execution process begins with the revision of the estimated prices and evaluation of the stages.

There will be better management of the company's resources, hence minimal costs and higher profits.

Immediately after appointment.

Motivation of the employees.

Operations and support of the strategy are managed and there has to be flexibility that allows for termination of the strategy, in case it does not work as expected. Liability is evaluated and necessary actions taken. At this point, strategies are functional.

Employees will feel content with their job, hence better service delivery.

3 months.

Review and evaluation of the strategies

The strategies will only be effective when the company experiences changes, both on employees and on the firm's returns. If there is an increase of consumer satisfaction, this indicates the employees are working well to ensure customer satisfaction, due to motivational tools implemented. To know if the change in operating systems is efficient, the company's returns of profit will increase, and so will the people's demands the Apple products. The company should retain more of the profits for investment purposes and the market share of the firm is to stabilize, to confirm the effectiveness of the financial advisor and resource managers.


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Apple Corporation has the potential to grow bigger, and lead its market if the right strategies are implemented. The management of the firm is therefore responsible to ensure costs are set aside to implement the strategies successfully. It is necessitated that the organization structure be reviewed periodically to insure that the communication channels of the company are in order, to allow for smooth communication to the managers, from consumers and employees.


TOPIC: SWOT on Management Strategies the History of Assignment

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