Management Systems Why Is Agreement on Data Essay

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Why is agreement on data naming and coding important?

The consistency between data naming and coding is critical for the taxonomy of data management systems to stay consistent and provide for a scalable, secure and reliable data structures so the full value of information can be used. The consistency of data naming and coding is critical for making an it system usable and relevant to business objectives and strategies (Hickman, Smaltz, 2008). The reliance on consistency of data structures is what anchors enterprise-wide information systems strategies and also allows for more effective strategic it governance as well (Tan, Payton, 2010).

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Data naming and coding must be consistent and completely in synchronization with one another to ensure an accuracy and fidelity of analysis, business intelligence (BI) and use of advanced reporting applications. To accomplish this high level of synchronization across databases, data naming and coding must also be defined to a common architecture and series of guidelines (Tan, Payton, 2010). Often healthcare organizations create their own unique guidelines, taxonomies and requirements for data naming and coding to ensure a very high level of consistency across data sets and structures (Hickman, Smaltz, 2008). This is seen as an investment in cross-database compatibility, and also as an investment in greater levels of integration across databases at present and in the future (Tan, Payton, 2010). For any healthcare provider to attain its strategic objectives, it must continually seek out this level of consistency and stay focused on data naming and coding to ensure stability, security and portability of data.

TOPIC: Essay on Management Systems Why Is Agreement on Data Assignment

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