Management Three Case Studies Event Case Study

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The city of Ha'il is in Saudi Arabia, and the festival relates to the unique and rich history that the city presents, and which it could demonstrate to the country. In order to plan this festival, example from Australia, Tunisia, and Morocco were utilized. The Ha'il festival, however had to be unique to this city and though it could research elements from other festivals, it would have to ensure that, in the end the city would be portrayed for all its cultural glory. Therefore, the city decided upon strategies that included the specificities of the region, including a falconry exhibition, saluki dogs contests, poetry evenings, family traditional enterprises, a camel calling contest and a competition involving sand dune car racing.

The first question to be examined in relation to this study is that of various festivals in Australia, Tunisia and Morocco, and how these reflect their particular country cultures, just as the Ha'il festival did. The Australia desert festivals, for example, include such traditional elements as story sharing, film contests, and other programs that stress the desert landscape and celebrate the exchange between cultures in the "heart of Australia."

The festival page further describes such things as,

"Indigenous musicians [who] drive 100's of red dusty kilometres to perform in the Bush Bands

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Bash. Wild bush foods are harvested and cooked into succulent dishes. Choirs sing amidst ancient desert landscapes of gorges and gaps. The Alice Desert Festival attracts audiences of around 50,000 people from around Australia to over 50 events across its season. The Alice Desert Festival presents an atmosphere not found anywhere else in Australia where strong traditional cultures and a vibrant contemporary arts community work together in presenting an amazing 10 days."

Case Study on Management Three Case Studies Event Assignment

A list is provided on the highlights page of this festival, to attract the number of visitors and it does, indeed, include a myriad of activities, which range from the Bush Bands Bash described above, to cinema in the river 2010, Dan Sultan, Flair Flags, to Happenings in the Mall, Comedy shows, Kids Day, Lens Flair Short Film Competitions, sound sculptures -- opening ceremony, Wearable Arts, Wild Bushfoods, Woohoo Revue -- Masquerade Ball, and finally many workshops.

Another festival is the Tunisian Sahara Douz Festival. According to a website promoting the festival, while the Christian celebrates Christmas, "Saharan nomads flock to Douz, Tunisia's gateway to the mighty desert, for a celebration of their culture," which includes "camel races, hunting for rabbits with greyhound-like Saluki dogs, and fantasias," or military displays in which riders on Arabian horses skillfully canter, turn, stop and shoot their rifles."

The website further describes evening dances, recitals of poetry and eating such Tunisian stapes as dates.

The next desert festival, taking place in Morocco, is the Transahara 2011 Festival in the Sahara Desert in Morocco. This festival focuses on a more contemporary aspect of Desert Festivals, dancing to DJ's and listening to modern music. The website for this festival advertises it in the following way:

"You can enjoy Transhara 2011 in two different ways. You can buy yourself a flight to Morocco, festival ticket in your hand, and dance your way thru 4 nights of great electronic music in a spectacular surrounding, 100% nature yet with all the commodities needed to offer you a great comfortable time . You will be at the heart of the Moroccan desert in a once of a lifetime experience but that will be just it, a great festival. Or ...You can choose differently. You can choose to look at this experience as something more. Our artistic and cultural concept is an ambitious one. Our long-run goal is to set the scenarios for a very unique and enriching experience thru visuals and cultural connections. In TRANSHARA 2011, the past can meet the future in one place because NOWHERE IS HERE."

Indeed, the above message is a very persuasive one, and also shows just how different a non-traditional festival can be, and how much it can truly reflect youth culture in a North African country.

All the above-mentioned festivals are very different. The second question to be analyzed here poses whether a small festival such as those above could have been started on a small scale and allowed to grow. This is quite hard to analyze, especially for someone who does not have experiences at these festivals, but growing organically is certainly not the same as growing by promoting festivals and utilizing event management techniques to attain particular cultural, financial and social goals.


Event management is an exciting field, which offers both creative educational but also, and most importantly, exciting job opportunities.

This field offers an unlimited potential indeed, no matter where one is located in the world. From exciting cities like New York, to London and Sydney, event management is an integral part of social interaction, on which humans thrive. The three case studies presented above, all deal with some aspect of event management. In the first case, the reader can note the way two cities were merged and successfully staged some of the most important events of the year. In the second case study, we see the successful presentation and completion of a strategy of event management, which made both customer and his employees happy. In the third case study, one can notice various event management techniques around the world, including in Australia, Tunisia, Morocco and Saudi Arabia. It is clear, thus, from the above analysis and from the important questions pondered that this is an important field, and everything from online articles, to tips and to stories can tell us so. But perhaps the most important proof is our own interaction as human beings, and how great one can feel after having staged a successful event.

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