Management of Work-Related Stress Term Paper

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It is also the aforementioned departments that have the resources and knowhow to develop and implement the most appropriate stress management policies and measures, embrace management standards that are likely to minimize work-related stress, etc. Essentially, the organization should also acquaint itself with workers' non-work-related sources of stress. This is more so the case given that "an employer's awareness of the employee's non-work-related stressors and problems facilitates good management" (Hawkins, 2003, p. 216).

As I have already pointed out elsewhere in this text, employees also have a role to play, albeit a secondary one, in the management of work-related stress. In that regard, employees must ensure that they are actively involved in organizational initiatives whose key goal is stress management. The said employees must also ensure that stressful situations/sources of stress at work are reported to the relevant departments. It should be noted that the organization cannot take any action if it is not aware of a specific source of stress. With that in mind, the move by employees to report possible sources of stress could come in handy in the identification of underlying problems and the subsequent formulation of the most appropriate strategies to tackle the problem. The relevance of being supportive of fellow employees undergoing stressful situations cannot also be overstated. As George & Jones (2010) observe, social support most particularly from friends and family is an important means of coping with stress.


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To ensure that work-related stress is contained, the organization (via its various departments) should not only develop stress management policies but also closely monitor the said policies and procedures. This way, deviations from desired objectives can be identified and addressed promptly.


George, J.M. & Jones, G.R. (2010). Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior (6th ed.). New York: PH Professional Business.

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Hawkins, L. (Ed.). (2003). Tolley's Guide to Managing Employee… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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