Management Written Communication: An Essential Element Essay

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Written Communication: An Essential Element of Successful Business Interaction

Written communication when used effectively can be one of the most powerful ways to connect with an audience (Morgan, 2003). When used incorrectly however the written word can also result in conflict, confusion, chaos and dispute. It is critical that employees understand the key elements of solid academic writing if they are to succeed in a business or corporate environment. One way that employees can learn to use written communication in an advantageous manner is through training workshops. The usefulness of training workshops and the important aspects of written communication are discussed below.

Effective Written Communication

There are many important aspects of written communication that must be present for words to be effective. Among the more important aspects include content development and delivery which enable readers to understand the intent of the writer (Morgan, 2003). For written words to have meaning the writer has to first consider what the message is that they are trying to send to the audience and also consider how it should be addressed and who the audience is (Morgan, 2003). When the written word is utilized incorrectly, miscommunication rather than clear and well defined communication occurs. This often results in conflict, as was recently the case in this business setting.

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One of the best ways to assure that all employees are well versed in the written word and have an adequate understanding of the structure of language is by training them appropriately. This can be accomplished through the use of several small workshops geared toward improving writing skills and fostering clear communication via the written word. These workshops may include groups of employees from diverse areas of the organization. This will allow employees to meet people from different backgrounds and thus enhance their understanding of the many ways that people communicate and interpret communication depending on their job and work experiences.

Essay on Management Written Communication: An Essential Element of Assignment

A small group setting is typically conducive to maximizing one's potential for learning in the business environment (Wilson, 1996). In a small workshop setting, employees can freely discuss their experiences and obstacles with regard to business writing. They can share their interpretations of the right and wrong way to communicate via writing, and help develop a method for improved communications in the long run.

Without adequate written communication skills, the chances for miscommunications and more disputes in the future rises substantially. Far too often someone with a good intent accidentally causes an uproar because they have not utilized the written word correctly. There are many ways to say something. It is not uncommon for communications to be written with solid intent, but to result in disaster. Why is written communication so difficult to interpret?

When two people or a group of people are interacting face-to-face, they have the opportunity to not only listen to one's speech but also interpret non-verbal elements of communication. These may vary from person to person but often include the use of posture, gestures and vocal intonations. All of these elements help clarify a person's message and foster clear and directed communication. When one writes however, there are no opportunities for the reader to observe non-verbal elements of communication, thus the reader is left to their own devices to interpret the authors intent purely based on what is written. This opens the door for varying interpretations and allows a greater likelihood for misinterpretation depending on who the reader is and what their background or experiences are with the subject material.

Written communications are a mainstay in any corporate environment. Whether via memos, emails, presentation speeches or even evaluations, employees are constantly employing the use of written communication in their day-to-day affairs. For this reason alone the company should be interesting in uncovering avenues and methods for improving employee's mastery of the written word. This will help prevent disputes and misunderstanding in the future, and may also improve interbusiness relationships.

Among the basic elements of writing include style, punctuation and "avoidance of the use of cliches or jargons" (Marken, 2002). Thus these are the elements that should be discussed in a well thought out business writing workshop. Employees need to understand the rules that govern writing but also acquire an understanding of the best ways to send a message that is directed and meaningful. This will benefit employees when interacting with both internal and external customers. The more clear cut and well defined the writing, the less… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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