Management XYZ Action Plan: 89 Research Proposal

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XYZ action plan:

89% of XYZ employees felt there were few, if any, opportunities to improve their skills

Solutions (from least to most expensive):

Improve the quality of feedback given to employees -- make sure feedback is specific and detailed in nature. Phrase feedback in terms of concrete actions employees can take, rather than use vague generalities on performance reviews. Refer employees to specific skills enhancement programs or opportunities rather than merely criticize them

Start a 'brown bag lunch' mentoring program of more and less experienced employees, where volunteer mentors meet with younger workers to give advice to them

Create formal professional associations with regular meetings, events, and seminars for specific departments within the company, such as IT, HR, and so forth

Increase the number of training programs in-house and allow workers to use a specified number of work hours to take advantage of these programs to sharpen their skills

Create company days such as retreats or events where individuals participate in workplace enhancement skills, such as negotiating, diversity awareness, and leadership training

Create tuition assistance program for workers wishing to go back to school part-time at local or online institutions to obtain graduate degrees. Allow for flexible scheduling of work for employees engaged in degree-level studies

Problem: 87% of XYZ employees responded there were no promotion opportunities

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Send a report to all workers detailing future projections of likely positions to open up at the company

Create an Internet messageboard listing all new openings in the company's hierarchy

Encourage HR to adopt an in-house rather than out-of-house promotions focus when filling new positions

Create more specific job titles horizontally throughout the company

Problem: 74% of XYZ employees felt there was little relationship between their performance and their pay

Research Proposal on Management XYZ Action Plan: 89% of XYZ Assignment

Restructure the performance review system, allow workers to have input and a hearing to describe what they have done for the company if they feel that aspects of their contribution have not been recognized

Increase bonuses for meeting productivity benchmarks

Reevaluate current salary structure of company -- see if a more equitable balance is possible between different salary groups, including freezing or cutting executive pay

Consider implementing a more team-based approach, and base bonuses, regardless of job title on performance of the team

Problem: 60% of XYZ employees felt the work environment was not safe

Increase informational safety drills for employees about fire escapes and other natural disaster planning

Refresher course in workplace safety laws for top management team with in-house legal counsel

Conduct a safety audit of the company

Keep statistics regarding work-related accidents to show that they do not exceed national averages

Have a workplace safety awareness week

Create a suggestion drop-box for employees regarding workplace safety concerns

Target areas where work safety can be improved upon, such as a lack of treads on stairwell, dark basement parking lots, and implement structural changes and institute security reforms

Problem: 55% of XYZ employees felt overworked because of vacant positions due to high turnover

Keep workers informed and aware of reasons why it is not financially feasible in the short-term to hire new employees

Try to keep 'offsite' work to a minimum -- try to reduce the amount of work employees are required to do on their computers at home, reduce email traffic sent to home email addresses or during non-working hours

Create a 'stress relief' day where students from local massage and cosmetology schools offer free… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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