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[. . .] is unable to respond individually to each application. However, in case you are shortlisted, you will be contacted for further discussion in relation to your application.

Part Two: Selection Process

In order to achieve effective, efficient, and fair selection process in relation to the ten applications for the seven site managers' positions available, the organization, through its human resource department should focus on integration of various principles. The first principle should focus on ensuring that the process is appropriate and relevant to the job in question for the purposes of enhancing the outcome of the system and process (Woollard 2010). This indicates that the selection panel should focus on the adoption and implementation of practices relevant to the role and nature of the positions. Selection panel should focus on the implementation of an effective and simple process with the aim of offering protection to the vulnerable groups (Tobenkin 2011). The second principle focuses on the implementation of objective and free-from-bias processes and practices in the selection concept for the purposes of realization of fair and free process for the ten potential candidates.

This indicates that the selection panel should focus on the implementation of evidence-based practices free from bias towards any of the potential candidates. This will ensure that the potential candidates have equal and effective platform for the review during the selection process (Chew 2004). This will also protect vulnerable group within the selection process. The third principle in relation to the selection framework or process is the ability to ensure that appointments are made on merit. It is ideal to ensure that appointments are made in accordance with merit focusing on the experience, qualifications, and skills as identified in the recruitment process. It is unethical for appointments to be made on other basis except that the person offered the job is the most qualified professional (Scroggins 2010). In order to achieve this principle, it is ideal to focus on the utilization of performance at interview, response to questions, tests, scores, and qualifications and experience.

The fourth principle should focus on the implementation of an inclusive selection process. This is vital in the protection to the vulnerable groups and potential candidates for the above positions. Good inclusive selection process is vital in the promotion of the image and reputation of the organization thus an opportunity towards enhancing the level of commitment to the entity (Tyler 2011). The fifth principle should focus on an effective and efficient selection process with the aim of delivering the right person for the job or available positions. This relates to the ability of the selection process to arrive at the right person for the job with the aim of minimizing time and resources thus cost of the selection criteria (Schramm 2011). Selection process should be timely and cost-effective in relation to the achievement of meritocracy in the selection of the qualified seven professionals among the ten potential candidates.

It is also ideal to integrate competent persons with skill and effective training for the purposes of realizing free and fair selection process. This criterion will ensure that the organization select the most qualified persons for the jobs. The selection process should be open for evaluation and analysis by the outside entities with the aim of demonstrating fairness in the selection systems and panel. This is ideal to ensure that vulnerable candidates have equal opportunity for the realization of the objectives of the organization in relation to globalization and expansion. Implementation of these principles will ensure that the organization arrives at the best candidate.


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