Who Is a Manager? Essay

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As for art and religion, the intellect still plays a predominant roll in how views and opinions are developed in these spheres. But the use of the intellect in arriving at artistic or religious truth is disappearing. A tendency to prefer to rely on numbers and data has begun to permeate even these fields, so much so that people seem to unanimously wonder where all the world's common sense has gone to.

Technological Revolutions

We are now living in a third great technological transformation called the Knowledge Revolution. Thanks to the Internet, the equivalent of the great Library of Alexandria, information is at our fingertips anywhere and everywhere we go. Thanks to smart phones, we can fit the great library in our pocket. The advancement of technology has allowed us to connect to individuals around the world in ways never before possible. Today's flow of information is virtually unequalled by any other era in the history of mankind. The Internet makes this flow possible. And with this flow comes an enormous wave of knowledge that can radically change the way we think, live, and act.

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In this sense, computers truly have changed our lives so much that we can call this a revolution like the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century. More and more businesses are going online as commercial retailers find that the Internet is where tomorrow's real estate is. Consumers are buying more and more products through sites like Amazon, and more and more companies are relying on computers in order to conduct their day-to-day affairs.

TOPIC: Essay on Who Is a Manager? Assignment

The Industrial Revolution reshaped the way society functioned in the 19th and 20th centuries. Just so, the Internet is reshaping the way society functions in the 21st century. Computers have made the world, in one sense, a much smaller place. Nations are more connected than ever. A new world order is on the verge of being established as countries seek a political union that will better help them to conduct business. Just as the Industrial Revolution reshaped the way organizations formed, workers worked, and politicians governed, so too are computers reshaping the way companies establish themselves, the way workers devote themselves to specific skills (computer programming is the skill to have in the 21st century), and the way politicians appeal to the masses (Twitter and Facebook are essential accounts to have for today's political campaigners). Computers have changed the face of the modern world by drawing all the world's attention to the new information highway -- the Internet.

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