Managing Criminal Justice Organizations Position Essay

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Charismatic leaders send "all the right signals" and are "enthusiastic and passionate" and they have a knack of making others feel good in their presence (Varghese).

If I were the head of a criminal justice group, would I encourage close personal relationships or try to prevent supervisors from close friendships with subordinates?

In law enforcement work, there is often an extraordinary amount of pressure placed on police officers on the street or in squad cars, on detectives, on commanders and on others in the department. The danger that a police officer faces every day are enormous, and hence good communication between officers (including their supervisors) is important in order to be able to talk about the horrific scene that happened hours ago.

Getting one's feelings out to his peers and to supervisors in a relaxed environment would seem to be a healthy activity. I see nothing wrong with a rookie cop sitting down with several other officers (including supervisors) in a local pub for a beer or two. Not just to "let off steam," but to have an exchange with others who have also faced frighteningly dangerous, violent situations. And if as a result of that conversation over a couple beers, an officer becomes friends with a sergeant who is several notches above him, there is nothing inherently wrong with that.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Managing Criminal Justice Organizations Position Assignment

Dictating that a subordinate cannot become close friends with a supervisor is the wrong kind of leadership, in my opinion. Assuming that all members of the police unit (or probation office) have had ethical training (preferably annual ethical classes that are required), those classes should present the right and the wrong of personal relationships. Using your friend, for example, who is a supervisor, to justify wrongdoing or questionable behaviors that present a conflict of interest is very wrong. But again, I would not lay down rules that supervisors and underlings cannot be friends outside the work environment; but I would remind them often that this office has a hierarchal chain of command, and any attempt to side-step the rules vis-a-vis chain of command will be met with sanctions.

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