Microsoft: Diversity and Preventing Discrimination Research Paper

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The 6th principle is the alleviation of discrimination in honor of the occupation and employment. The objective is to eliminate any kind of compulsory or forced labor, alleviation of discrimination and child labor elimination in honor of occupation and employment (Microsoft, 2017).

Even though Microsoft has done well in trying to alleviate ethnic gender based, and tribal discrimination in the ranks of the Corporation there are still many reports of discrimination in the company including lawsuits filed against company for sexual harassment against female employees and gender discrimination. The Company may be doing well on diversity but not so well on discrimination. This research has been designed to offer possible alternatives as solutions to the discrimination problem at Microsoft. The research paper also explores the positives of diversity at Microsoft Corporation and what diversity has done in terms of giving the company impetus and a global appeal.

Problem Definition

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There are 238 sexual harassment and gender discrimination accusations against Microsoft by women employees who work for the company in the technical jobs in the U.S. (England, 2018). Court filings revealed in 2018 revealed this information (England, 2018). According to England (2018) the complaints came between the year 2010 and 2016. The accusers have systematically denied the existence of promotions or pay rises for women employees at Microsoft Corporation. The attorneys to the plaintiffs pushed for class action legal suits although trial hearing has not been scheduled yet (England, 2018). Microsoft denied any of those claims only consenting to the existence of one gender discrimination incidence of all the 118 gender based discrimination claims.

Research Paper on Microsoft: Diversity and Preventing Discrimination Assignment

According to Microsoft, the Company has spent in excess of $55 million annually for the purpose of promoting inclusion and diversity in the employment ranks (England, 2018). In 2017, the company claimed to have relinquished the agreement of arbitration prior to filing a dispute on any sexual harassment claim (England, 2018). This, in theory meant that victims could feel more confident about reporting their discrimination complaints. This position would by no means have any bearing on women who reported discrimination. The position also contradicted the previous position by the company that complaints should not be made publicly available. In the past the stand by Microsoft was that complaints from women should be sealed in confidence because making them public would deter others from making a report on their discrimination issues (England, 2018). This is just some of the gender based discrimination incidents at Microsoft that has come to light. Perhaps the motivation for keeping the discrimination claims secret is not really to help others report their discrimination experiences but to save the image of the Corporation.

The sincerity of the arguments from the sexual harassment and gender discrimination claims may not be verifiable until the court rules on the matter. What is certain at this point is that some of the employees at Microsoft have reported issues relating to sexual harassment, gender discrimination, dishonestly in claims of female employee promotions and pay rises etc. This can only mean one thing that the working conditions for women employees at Microsoft may not be as favorable as the company would like everyone to think. It is important to note that Microsoft is not expected to be perfect in every front but at this point the Company can do better by acknowledging that the voices of discontent and complaint from some section of their employees may be pointing to a hidden problem that might blow up in future.

Research Objectives

The objective of this research is to investigate the sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and insincerity in female employee promotion and pay rise claims at Microsoft. Furthermore the research will explore the benefits that Microsoft has recorded from their incredible diversity record. At ultimate goal will be ascertain the internal disquiet among some women employees at Microsoft Corporation and to offer sound solutions to help deal will the gender based discrimination challenges while leveraging the benefits and positives of diversity without hurting the image of the Corporation globally.

Literature Review

Sexism is a major problem that has bedeviled many workplaces including multinational corporations with an outstanding track record like Microsoft. Stamarski and Son Hing (2015) address the issue of gender inequality and the effect of sexism in the structure, decision making, practices, and processes of organizations. Some of the most discriminative gender inequality practices are embedded within the practices of the human resources departments (Stamarski & Son Hing, 2015). HR practices according to Stamarski and Son Hing (2015) directly affect the recruitment, hiring, payment, training, and the promotion criteria for women. Stamarski and Son Hing (2015) proposed a gender discrimination model that puts more emphasis on the consequences of gender based inequalities in the organization. The researchers proposed that discrimination in decision making processes from the HR department and in the ratification of practices emanates from inequalities in the larger structures, practices, and processes of the organization. This according to the researchers embodies the leadership, strategy, structure, organizational climate, and culture and HR policies in the organization (Stamarski & Son Hing, 2015). The sexual harassment and gender discrimination claims at Microsoft could be pointing to a larger leadership and HR practices problem that needs immediate solutions if what Stamarski and Son Hing (2015) claims is anything to go by.

Verniers and Vala (2018) pointed out that gender discrimination inside the workplace has led to the formulation of many policies in most advanced economies. The objective for this is to deter gender discrimination and inequality with respect to recruitment, promotions and salaries. Despite the many efforts gender inequalities still persist. In light of this Verniers and Vala (2018) detailed the psychological processes responsible for the persistent gender discrimination in the workplace. Through structural modeling of equations the researchers found out that psychological processes were indeed to blame for gender inequality (Verniers & Vala, 2018). This research confirmed that motherhood myths are often used to justify discriminative gender structures in the countries that promote inequality. This might be a possible explanation of why there has been some disquiet at Microsoft Corporation.

Sexism is an endemic problem that has affected people economically, politically and socially. Bates (2016) has written a book that documents the relevance of social media in helping women voice their concerns about sexism. In the bid to acknowledge the problems faced by women in the society the book is an important tool that can help society fight against the vices of gender based inequalities, and discrimination driven by sexism ideologies. Other researchers like Valor-Segura (2018) examine the topic of sexism in detail. Lorenzi-Cioldi and Kulich (2015) have distinguished the various categories of sexism from the contemporary, to the more subtle and the implicit forms of sexism. The researchers later discuss the consequences of behavior patterns for the various categories of sexism after they characterize the benevolence and the incongruity of hostility towards women. Lorenzi-Cioldi and Kulich (2015) emphasize on the harmful consequences of compassion on the self-worth, competence, and actual performance of women.

Data Collection Plan

This will be a qualitative research paper that will wholesomely rely on secondary data and information sources from peer reviewed articles, books, reports, data, and analytical information available. The research findings on the issue of gender inequality, discrimination, and sexism will be used to inform the findings. The motivation behind a qualitative research is to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of Microsoft employees. Owing to the fact that most of the information with regard to gender inequality and discrimination is available from secondary sources like legal documents, news journals and company reports the research will still achieve the objective even without having to rely on quantitative research approaches.

Significance of Project

The research is quite significance in light of the fact that Microsoft has consistently denied the existence of sexual harassment, gender discrimination and dishonesty in reporting female pay rise and promotions. With the outcomes of this research Microsoft Corporation will be able to refocus the way the company handles female employees and give the management an opportunity to improve the working environment and conditions for the women employees. Further the research findings will help Microsoft formulate better policies and regulations that will help safeguard the rights of women in the organization.

The measure of success for the research will be identified only when the research findings and proposed changes are implemented in the company. The research will be deemed a success if the actionable solutions can be identified and channeled to the Human Resource department at Microsoft. This is the extent to which the research can go at finding a solution to the problems bedeviling Microsoft Corporation. The Human Resource Department at Microsoft Corporation is substantially responsible for handling any complaints and disputes relating to gender inequality, sexual harassment, female promotions and pay rise issues. The findings of this report and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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