Managing Efficient and Effective Human Research Paper

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In addition, when hiring the top notch engineers and architectures, organizations require an outstanding policy as well to keep them attached to the organization. If the employees are not being appreciated enough for their hard work they tend to swap jobs more frequently. There must be a loop hole in the organizations system of showing appreciation to the hard work of employees that leads to low level of employee satisfaction. (Arvey & Murphy, 1998). Organizations should develop a system for performance evaluation. This system shows that the employees are being valued by the organization which in turn works as a strong motivational factor for the employees.

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In order to retain the top performing employees' organizations need to come up with innovative ideas of appreciating the work of employees. They should implement different tools of performance appraisal. Also to retain employees for long tenure they need to focus on creative activities to get the employees involved in the organization in different ways. In charge of the Human resources department needs to evaluate the performance of employees on monthly and annual bases. These reports should be further discussed with the employees on individual bases. Techniques such as performance appraisal should be implemented. This encourages the employees to work hard and provide their best to the organization. The rating of appraisal system should be done with strict monitoring. Also rewards should be given according to the results of the rating. The employees with the higher rating should be given a promotion or a benefit to encourage the employee for the hard work they have put in.

Well Defined Career Path:

Research Paper on Managing Efficient and Effective Human Assignment

One of the proven techniques to retain old employees is through having a well defined career path for employees. Many organizations don't have a strong career path for their employees. With the experience and abilities, an employee becomes stronger and tends to start searching for a better career growth. (Tarasco and Damato, 2006). In an organization, employees play a critical part in designing and providing the edge for the company. Employees that receive career development support stay longer and perform better. In charge of the human resource department should implement a system in which they have a list of employee's goal and provide them guidance according to individual needs.

Moreover, employees are always concerned about the firm's direction and the interest of stakeholders in the organization. It is suggested that the organization should communicate overall organizational goals and accomplishments with the employees. (Duys, Ward, Maxwell, Comerford, 2008) If employees are aware of the organizational success and goals of an organization they tend to avoid switching jobs.

Organizations should implement a system for career development of the employees. Find out what the employees consider best use of their talent and if their professional goals are being fulfilled. Human Resources department at any organization needs to design a program in which they collect employee's feedback regarding their career objective. Have employee's list monthly and yearly objective related to their career and where they want to take their career towards the end of the year or maybe in couple of years. This gives employees a feeling of belonging in the organization. It shows that the organization cares about the employees as well. Organizations should also communicate the success of the organization with the employees and any great accomplishment achieved throughout the year. They should have a monthly newsletter that could be sent to everyone in the organization. This should include the goals and objectives of the organization and also specific accomplishments of the top performing employees.

Employee communication

Communication plays a vital role in the success of an organization. It is highly important for the top management to communicate the goals and objective vividly throughout the organization. It ensures consistency in the organization. Communication within the organization helps the employees understand the environment of the organization. Communication is also linked to job satisfaction (Anderson & Martin, 1995). If the employees are able to communicate easily with the bosses and coworkers, their level of job satisfaction increases. This in return results in longer employee retention. Furthermore, Conducting interactive meetings sessions with all the department heads will make sure everyone in the organization is working towards the same goal and objective.(Sibthorp and Banning, 2004) It will also highlight the accomplishments and the loopholes within the department so that they can emphasize more on any issue.

Informal communications should be encouraged within organization. Activities that motivate informal mode of communication between the hierarchies of employees should be organized. Such as, sports event or lunch event and get together. This will not only encourage informal mode of communication but also make them feel as if they are part of a family. Organizing different events will get employees more involved in the firm and will make them emotionally attached to the organization as well. Conduct meetings between the departments. Get all the departments to be part of meetings and discussions. They should focus on coming up with creative activities that would encourage employees to share inside information with the HR department. For instance, hotlines, discussion boards on which weekly issues are posted and employees get to remark anonymously. This will assist the organization in getting constant feedback about the employees.

In a journal article by Pettit Jr., Goris and Vaught; they emphasize on the importance of organizational communication in order to have satisfied employees that also increases employee retention. "How an employee perceives supervision's communication style, credibility, and content as well as the organizations communication system will to some extent influence the amount of satisfaction (morale) he or she receives from the job (Pettit Jr., Goris and Vaught, 1997). This increases the performance of the employees and affects the outcome in a positive manner. According to another research conducted it is proven that "firms with effective and efficient organizational communication system are most likely to perform better, have greater internal strategic capabilities and have a greater ability to serve their external market then firms with less effective and efficient communication level"(tucker, Meyer, Westerman, 1996). These organizations are also likely to pursue strategies that will also be more effective and generate great results for the organization. Employees should be allowed to break through the level of communication. They should not be restricted to only communicate their problems, issues or concern to their immediate managers. Employees should be able to easily communicate with the person they feel the most comfortable with. This enhances employee satisfaction henceforth increasing employee retention. Employees from any level should be able to communicate their issues with the top management.


Organizations these days are all struggling to have well managed human resources. This is because over time organizations have come to learn the importance of having an effective and efficient human resource. It is a challenge for many organizations to manage and highly motivated team of human resources. Many organizations face similar issues of employee retention, employee satisfaction and communication mode of an organization.

In order for organizations to retain old employees it is important for them to fulfill their needs and desires. Organization should advise career path for its employees. A well defined career path gives employee a feel of belongingness. Employees are always looking for growth and better opportunity. With the technique of career counseling for employees and having a career path designed for them encourages employees to work hard. This motivates them to put in their best affords to work efficiently.

Another important technique to manage organizations human resources is that of performance appraisal. Every human likes to get feedback regarding their performance. In organizations it is highly important to encourage employees for the best they are doing. This technique motivates the employees to outperform their skills. It also assists managers in identifying the loopholes in their employees. This way manager can also find out the weakness and strength of its employees.

Communication and employee empowerment are another important aspects of managing employees efficiently. The idea of employee empowerment gives authority to the employee to make decisions. This in return motivates the employees furthermore to outperform.


It is clearly evident through the use of varies journal articles that Human resources play a vital role in an organization. Having effective and efficient human resources can be a key asset for an organization. It can be a competitive edge for an organization that is difficult to follow by others. Techniques such as performance appraisal and employee empowerment are highly effective in managing human resources. Having satisfied employees increases the tenure of employees in an organization which in long-term enhances the performance of an organization. Retaining employees for long tenure is highly important for an organization to enhance its performance. In order to have strong effective and efficient human resources it is highly important to satisfy their needs and desires. In order for an organization to excel motivated employees are essential. It can be concluded… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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