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Johnson and Johnson have leveraged technology to become efficient bit more significantly it has been used to drive their business aims. In addition the company understands the human element. (Johnson & Johnson Wins Global Corporate Achievement Award)

In their business and have built a distinct culture that plays a key role in their success. The company couples a strong research and development effort along with an aggressive takeover strategy. It has a decentralized structure with about 200 autonomous business activities that help make acquisitions a success. The leadership is low key and the leadership promotes decentralized decision making coupled with an ironclad accountability to produce results. On the innovation front, more than a third of its sales are generated from products launched in the last five years or from existing products introduced into new markets. (Johnson & Johnson Wins Global Corporate Achievement Award)

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Pepsi has been tremendously devoting its energy to make supermarkets to adopt its 'Power of One' program relating to marketing. The basic theme is to put snacks and soft drinks in a combined manner in the supermarket. When someone raises a thirst, another person satisfies it. Predictors are of the opinion that it is a really superb theme. It is a reasonably good strategy, but it is difficult to implement it since it is because the retailer will not be able to forget about Coke in the end. Such a view has been put forward by Jennifer Solomon, a beverages analyst at Salomon Smith Barney. Along with others in this field she is of the opinion that the strategy would provide Pepsi more clout in the supermarket. "Power of One will make a difference," says Prudential's Thompson. "It won't be a blow out in the first quarter, but it will create a steady increase [in sales] over the next few years." (Is Pepsi's Stock Finally Ready to Pop?)

Term Paper on Managing in a Global Assignment

One of the largest growth opportunities available for Pepsi is in the business of orange juice. This is only a small portion of Pepsi's total sales, but it is likely to catch up, as a result of the trend of the importance of healthier eating in the country. The profits of 'Tropicana' increased by 54%; this was to reach a mark of $54 million in the last phase of the year 1999. Apart from orange juice, along with Aquafina, Lipton's Iced Tea, and Starbucks Frappucino, Pepsi has among the top-most drinks in the U.S. These are marketed in the forms of bottled water, ready-to-drink iced tea, and coffee categories throughout the country. All of these products are receiving a major performance. (Is Pepsi's Stock Finally Ready to Pop?)

It is in the global markets outside the U.S. where the real potential of Pepsi's growth lies. In soft drinks it has followed a strategy to grow in markets like India, where Coke is finding the going tough. The company has started to focus on markets in Asia and Eastern Europe in a large way and results may take some time. From 1998 to 1999 the growth of Pepsi on then international front was six percent to reach $1.8 billion. The real gem in the range of Pepsi products is Frit-Lay and Pepsi holds more than eighty percent of the Mexican snack market. Mexico contributes fifty percent to Pepsi's international revenues, with Britain coming second at twenty five percent. Frito-Lay is planning to grow by a judicious acquisition program. (Is Pepsi's Stock Finally Ready to Pop?)

AT& T. announced a group of VOIP initiatives including an expansion of its international VOIP remote worker pilot project. Its traditional long-distance business activity has come under tremendous competitor pressure. It sees Internet calling and its accompanying products as a means to pave the way to new markets and revenue streams. AT& T. plans to sell more bandwidth both in the U.S. And in the global markets as part of its strategy for growth. Internationally AT& T. plans to target the large multinational corporations and in keeping with this objective has started the VOIP remote project involving companies having locations at Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and the UK. (AT& T. woos international markets with VOIP products)


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