Managing Human Resources Research Paper

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This issue goes beyond ensuring that the hospital offers the best quality services and more into the possibility of putting the patient's life at risk. Such an employee should have been let go the moment that something like this occurred.

Looking through some of the incident report forms, it seems that several people on staff made severe mistakes, which sometimes resulted in the death of patients. Joan Hudspeth had three such incidents, one resulting in the patient's death and all being a consequence of her mistakes, including switching treatments and giving hydromorphone instead of morphine. Any one of these should have led to the dismissal of the employee.

Another weakness that is also unsettling is the fact that some of the employees have not been able to grow or develop, as an expected result of training and development programs (which is one of the key objectives of the organization). It is difficult to understand how an employee can score 2 (average) in the evaluations for several years in a row, as well as why such an employee is still a member of the staff.

Finally, there seems to be a significant gap in yearly evaluations, usually most of these end around 2005, even if the employees are still active in the system and different incidents have occurred in subsequent years.

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Opportunities. Building on the strength of the organization, the opportunity is to integrate the IT system more into the development and training of the workforce. This would potentially mean that training programs could be more efficient, but also that the monitoring of the human resources and their assessment would also be properly undertaken and stored. Other opportunities include specialization: a part of the group of employees could be train to specialize in particular services, which would make the hospital more competitive on the market.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Managing Human Resources in Order Assignment

Threats. Some of the weaknesses that have been previously identified can always result into threats. The mistakes that the nurses make and that resulted in loss of life, can mean that the patients' families or the patient himself could commit to a legal action against the hospital, with disastrous consequences for the entity, both in judicial and financial terms. Competitive threats should also be accounted for: if this continues, other community hospitals could potentially be preferred in the future for medical services and Patton-Fuller would lose some of its clients.


The hospital has problems in the evaluation of employees, but also in their training and in the decision making process when it comes to the development of the human resource. The hospital needs to redo the training plan and improve the monitoring and evaluation process for the employees. One suggestion is to include specific IT instruments into this process, since one of the strengths of the organization has been identified as an excellent, well-implemented IT system.


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