Managing Organizational Change A) Approaches Article Review

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Managing Organizational Change

a) Approaches to change

Change at DuPont was implemented as a natural process by which the organizational evolved. It was not embraced as a formal phenomenon nor was any emphasis placed on the creation of a context in which the employees and the firm would be prepared for a smooth transition. In other words, organizational development as a framework for change was not widely used.

On the other hand however, the firm focused on the sense-making approach, in the meaning that it was expected of the strategies implemented to be effective and efficient, as well as suitable and able to support the company in reaching its objectives. In a context in which the firm did not implement a specific pre-designed framework for dealing with change, it nevertheless turned to appreciative inquiry -- with the support of the academic community -- and strived to identify the best solution to the specific organizational problem.

b) Compatibility of approaches

At a general level, it could be assumed that the three approaches to change -- organizational development, appreciative inquiry and sense-making -- are incompatible as they each present different means of dealing with change, from a structured approach, to a customized approach. In essence nevertheless, with the real context of an organizational change situation, the three models are not entirely self exclusive.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Article Review on Managing Organizational Change A) Approaches to Change Assignment

In other words, in the context of an organizational change situation, the manager will not implement a strict and pre-defined model of change management, but will start from such a model of OD to gradually build on it. In other words, it would customize the solution based on the frameworks available, as well as based on the specifics of the encountered situation (Blecker, 2005),… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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