Managing Organizational Change Queensland Leisure Case Study

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Step 4 -- communicate the vision; it is very significant to the change management process what happens to the vision once it has been formed. There is need to communicate the QLG change and the intention frequently and effectively as well as powerfully such that it is part of everything that one does.

Step 5 -- remove obstacles; this is the next logical step once the leader of the vision has achieved the belief and participation of the employees in the new changes that shall have been introduced in QLG. This response, is achieved will be an indicator that they are ready to get the benefits of the changes yet to be implemented in QLG.

Step 6 -- create short-term wins; bearing that success motivates everyone, there is need to make the people feel the benefits of the change by and by rather than waiting till the very end which could take months like the complete change over in technology in QLG will take six months.

Step 7 -- build on change; this comes on the realization that many change initiatives fail due to the declaration of victory and meeting of targets too early in time. Each success in the implementation phase of the newt technology at QLG will act as a platform to build upon the issues that went right as the management identifies areas that can be improved.

Step 8 -- imbibe the changes in corporate culture; it is true that for any change to be long lasting, there is need to imbibe it into the culture of the organization since the corporate culture will more often than not dictate what gets done and what does not get done.


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Case Study on Managing Organizational Change Queensland Leisure Assignment

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