Managing Patient-Doctor Relationship to a Professional Level Term Paper

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¶ … administration of medical procedures. Specifically, the relationship between the clients and the therapist is discussed. Often, this is normally referred to as the therapeutic alliance or therapeutic relationships. There are mechanisms that have always been placed to ensure that the therapists have been placed to ensure that the two parties get the best of their services and attention. The study appreciates the fact that successful service delivery is only realized when the environment is characterized by professionalism. Any unnecessary relationships from parties of either divide may affect the quality and the desired satisfaction: the role of the top management in facilitating the success of such alliances is emphasized.

The research question

In this study, the question that guides the research is "Do personal relationships affect the kind of service that therapists administer to patients?" In this research, a sample of some ten patients will be collected and used to make observations on how the respond to the therapy. Ideally, the therapist has to have considered offering different kinds of treatment to the patients. In fact, he has to have a close personal relationship while to others; he should have a casual relationship. Most therapists in charge of therapeutic alliance studies have often tried to understand this concept in its fullness (Safran, 2007).

The method of data collection

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The method of data collection here is using questionnaires. In this case, the questionnaires have to be treated in such a way that they allow the respondents to air their views freely. In most instances, such studies establish avenues where problems are understood, and solutions drawn.

Data analysis

The collected results will be analyzed with the aim of coming up with conclusions and hence recommendations for the same. They will be meant for boosting the industry practice in future and preventing the unpalatable practice in the name of bad personal relationships running the course of medication.


Term Paper on Managing Patient-Doctor Relationship to a Professional Level Assignment

This following study emphasizes the need of having a cordial relationship with the therapists and patients. The paper also identifies the benefits of the cordial relationship between the medical therapists and the patients. In this paper, there is also a challenge that is tackled. Such a conflict of interest arises from and the bias that comes in when the therapist and patients have prejudicial relationships. In most instances, there are cases where the relationships that these two parties can have which tend to mar good and professional service. Ideally, the paper focuses on the benefits of having a professional relationship with the therapists and the patients in respect of the mandate thus given. It starts with an introduction where collaborative relationships between the patients and the therapists are emphasized (Blackwell, 2011). The need to have the rules is emphasized, and the therapies noted for purposes of having a smooth service delivery during the treatment process. The main body is divided into three parts. They range from a description of the need to have these relationships safeguarded, a link between interpersonal relationship and therapy services and the additional reasons for having the therapy succeed. A succinct conclusion sums up the main ideas discussed in this study.

Collaborative relationships offer explanations as to why the people in the medical field are always required to observe a code of ethics and record of service in order to ensure a smooth service delivery at work. In most cases, the medics find themselves in such a situation where they end up developing some close relationships with the clients and may start getting personal. This is not allowed because it leads to the emergence of new twists that might jeopardize the treatment regime in case it occurs (Levy, 2010).

The critical elements of forming collaborative relationships

The collaborative relationship between the patients and the therapists play a central role in the profession. It is important to do this for purposes of getting rid of the often seen misconduct among some of the therapists. Besides, therapists are expected to undertake their duties in a procedural manner at all times. This means that the people have a chance to receive better treatment if the therapists acted professional (Blackwell, 2011). In this case, the big challenge is that most of the therapists often find it difficult to uphold the basic conduct of not developing any personal relationship with the patients.

Use of gender pairing

Gender pairing is important in helping solve the problem of conflicting relationships in the service delivery between the patients and the doctors. This is where patients of a particular sex orientation are allowed to be attended to by therapists of the same sex. Many health institutions have realized that unhealthy relationships may emerge between therapists and the patients (Safran, 2007). When placed in an arrangement where make therapists attend to male patients and a similar case for female patients, this leads to a safe coexistence and promotes stable work relationships. In most instances, this leads to peaceful and scandal-free work relations.

The hazards being prevented may relate to the factors that make patients end up developing love affairs out of the precinct of work. In this case, it pays to establish a good working relationship between these two parties by way of force and through establishing strict guidelines as thus. In this research, the basis for which the study was done was to enable the researcher assess the true position of how the nature of relations between gender positions between the therapists and patients affect them (Levy, 2010).

Rationale for safeguarding the clinical relationships

The relationship between the two parties always has to grapple with the idea of having to deal with their interpersonal relationships. It affects the manner of perception in the way in which the people who have to deal with the issue of treatment operates. For instance, with such perceptions in the minds of the people, patients have to be handled properly so that all their problems are understood and resolved fully. This has been the case when managers in the public domain have had to handle their personal interests and ambitions without affecting the quality of service. Gender relation is a very influential item in the life of individuals in helping them communicate with each other. They inform the manner in which matters are going to be handled.

Given the seriousness of the issue at hand, people have always to consider moving through the process of communicating with others during work. The nature of the communication that happens influence the way in which the matters of interest are going to be sorted by the workers. It always means that people should consider deliberating on important issues when the time for doing so arises. Therapists and other medical personnel are expected to avoid developing and being involved in an excessive interpersonal relationship with their patients. This may interfere with the treatment process and create such ripples that are in a way going to make them see each other differently (Safran, 2007).

There is always a need to have them free from the undue influence that can befall them. For instance, a patient will in a way find it difficult dealing with an issue that is too much out of hand when it has everything to do with communicating their worst fears with the doctor. In this case, the patients must avoid getting too close to the doctors as this might negatively hinder the treatment process (Levy, 2010).

Medical practitioners operate under some specific codes of ethics and as such are required to observe them. These codes of ethics bar them from engaging in any compromising situations such as unduly influencing the patients. It also binds them from engaging in any activity that is likely to influence the conduct of the patients that might compromise their disclosure of information. It is important to allow the patients to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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