Managing for Results: A Strategic Framework Term Paper

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Managing for Results: a strategic framework for action to develop public organizations into high performance organizations

The strategic framework proposed for action to develop public organizations into high performance organizations, which we will be assessing further below, is composed of two plans, a strategic and an operational one, and three performance related systems, the performance measurement system, the performance reporting system and the results-based budgeting system.

The strategic plan has the role of defining the overall goals of the public organization. The change proposed refers to the fact that these goals are now results-related. As such, the performance will be evaluated in terms of outcome rather than input and output.

The operational plan has the role of providing the action details, the "how to" of the entire management framework. The operational plan comprises the incentive structure and the collaboration strategies that can be adopted and used within the respective organization.

The three different systems are all performance-related and have the role of measuring the levels of performance within the organization and of reporting it to the upper management. The budgeting system is also defined by the results obtained within the organization.

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The first thing that may come to mind when analyzing the framework proposed is the absence of a tactical plan. The importance of tactical planning cannot be underestimated in any company, because the tactical planning ensure both the fulfillment of the strategic objectives the organization has fixed and the way this is going to be performed over a medium period of time. In this sense, while the operational planning has an execution period of at most one year, tactical planning implementation goes from 1 to 3 years.

In this sense, in my opinion, the evaluation framework skips over an important part of the planning and attempts to implement strategic objectives fixed using only operational planning and a short-term approach. This may not be beneficial over a longer period of time.

Term Paper on Managing for Results: A Strategic Framework for Assignment

On the other hand, the perspective of having performance as the main strategic objective of the organization is quite interesting and deserves further analysis. The strategic planning process, according to the framework, implies that the desired performance is defined in terms of outcomes rather than inputs and outputs. The fundamental question at this point seems to be who… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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