Managing the Small Business Term Paper

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Managing the Small Business

Ultimate Software is a foremost provider of unified human capital management solutions for global businesses, headquartered in Weston, Florida. This company offers award-winning UltiPro as SaaS in order to manage a multinational workforce. Since its inception in 1990, Ultimate's goal has been product excellence in the ultimate software for human resource and payroll professionals. Their vision is to deliver the most flexible, wide-ranging solution for companies to tactically manage HR, payroll, benefits, and talent management. The company's elite focus on HCM has resulted in solutions distinguished by ease of use, vigorous integral functionality, higher technology, low price of ownership, and quick activation, with a measurable return on investment. The company is publicly traded under the symbol ULTI and had $227.8 million in revenues in 2010 and provides solutions for employers in both the United States and Canada.

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Ultimate's award-winning UltiPro provides a united advance to managing the worker life cycle, from recruitment through retirement. UltiPro delivers continuous strategic HR, payroll, and talent management functionality, including recruitment, onboarding, payroll, benefits administration, compensation management, performance management and reviews, succession management, talent retention tools, time and attendance, workforce scheduling, rich reporting and analytical decision-making tools, plus a central Web portal that serves as the entryway for a workforce to access company associated activities. The end result is a sanctioned workforce that can access vital information rapidly and implement routine business activities more knowledgeably. Best of all, UltiPro helps HR teams function on a more strategic level and that transforms into better service for a company's most important asset, their talented employees.

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Ultimate's center on excellence has earned the company a solid reputation and a history of long-term relationships, with a 96% customer preservation rate. The company employs over 1,400 professionals who are committed to developing trend-setting solutions and delivering quality service. Ultimate has more than 2,300 customers representing diverse industries, including Adobe Systems Incorporated, the Container Store, Elizabeth Arden, Major League Baseball, the New York Yankees, Culligan International, and Ruth's Chris Steak House.

At Ultimate Software, has always put their people first. This idea saturates their culture to its core. For over 20 years, it has driven them to create the innovative products and services that they offer. As a result, they enable their clients to put their people first, which helps them build the people-centric environments they need to grow and meet their business goals. They believe software should work for people. Not the other way around. Customers choose them for their sophisticated people management technology that is delivered in the cloud. They know that it's the results of how well they improve the personal work experience for they company and its employees that matters most.

With a focus on people in everything that they do, they have built UltiPro with inclusive capabilities and simplicity of use in order to make companies lives easier. They give company's tools to manage every workforce need they have from recruitment to retirement. They get HR, payroll, and talent management in a single solution that effortlessly joins people globally with the information and resources they need to work more efficiently. They devote 100% of their resources to the research, development, and delivery of industry-leading, constantly evolving human capital management (HCM) technology. Their undivided attention has made them experts in the industry and trusted advisors and business partners who can be counted on to convey sustained excellence in HCM solutions. Their focus on people is evident and award-winning.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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