Managing the Total Quality Management Term Paper

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As the rate of transformation in the business environment goes faster, suppleness, feasible all the way through CIM, turns out to be an important element for a triumphant venture.

Operational Problem

Existing Operational Problem:

major problem is the organization today is the lack of quality and experience on the part of the employees.


This problem basically crops up because the necessary topics vital to supervise people are not resolved by the leadership management. These topics are empowerment, conflict resolution, team building, etc.

Recommendations a) Recruitment of part-time employees to enhance inward competition.

A b) Upgrading of employees at Company's Coaching Centre.

A c) Develop effective communication with the employees.

A d) Constant Orientation from the part of the management.

Business Proposal and Recommendation

Managers of TQM should possess competent and true professional management skills. The management should engage in written and verbal communications in such a manner that institutes them as experts in the industry; as well as, they should present themselves on a level that anyone of any status should be able to understand and interpret. They should recognize that each and every client and individual allied with our business is equal in substance and is worthy of the same level of importance and service regardless of how great or small the project might be.

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It should be especially pointed out that the management should believe in quality and not quantity, therefore they should be very comprehensive with their approach. Furthermore, they should possess workforce with excellent personalized skills. Furthermore, the management should always be truthful, and present the facts for what they really are. It should avoid stretching the truth at all cost. It should follow sound ethical and moral guiding principles in managing all cycles of business, and present itself with a level of integrity that is second to none.


Term Paper on Managing the Total Quality Management Assignment

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