Mango Poem Harvest Abroad Essay

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He'd often explained

Pounding his chest

I being younger

And adventurous as well

Would follow my father

Wherever they'd sell

But even the Alphonso

He always explained

Was not the same thing

His expression was pained

The taste is just different

It just isn't as good

There was only one mango

That our family should

Let into its home

Adorn its from door

Slice into chutney

Or panna to pour

It was late afternoon

Almost dinner hour

We'd left the market dejected

When my father smelled the flower

It tickled his nose

Wafted through the breeze

We wandered round a corner

To a grove of hidden trees

Fathered round the trunk

Freshly fallen down

Plump, pristine Alphonsos

Littered all the ground

My father's eye's alight

He sliced the layer of skin

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Essay on Mango Poem Harvest Abroad We Assignment

And felt he was back home with his…
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