Manufacturing Business Essay

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LJ Summers Case Study

The author of this report has been ask to review and assess a case study involving LJ Summers company and the issues they are having with their employees. In reading the case study, the problems are numerous but they are coming from multiple sources as no one group is guilty of all of the malfeasance in this case. As part of this case study, there will be four sections, those being problem, solution, actions and evaluation, and in that order. Basically, the problems that exist will be identified and what can and should be done to address those issues will be offered as well. While some of the actions of the employees are less than reasonable, the employer is causing a lot of its own problems.


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Essay on Manufacturing Business Case Study Assignment

There are a couple of major problems with the company and they are easy to spot. First of all, the gripes about Blaine only getting the operations manager position because of his familial lineage is hard to argue with. Reducing costs is all well and good but doing so using unethical or even illegal actions is not the way to go about it. Second, switching to a 4x10 schedule with one third of the company dissenting is probably not the best way to do things. Third, anything that involves docking of pay for time that was definitely worked is illegal on its face and should never be happening. Indeed, employees should not be late for their initial shift start time or their return from lunch. However, any rescinding of pay for time worked is not a way to do it. As for the employees, they are very guilty of doing some rather nasty things themselves. First of all, a slow-down would be wrong even if they were unionized (it would be a wildcat strike) but they are not even union yet. Second of all, many people are clearly guilty of lounging around on the clock and this includes during overtime and this is out and out theft as they are earning wages for doing little to nothing and they know it. Third, any talk of "getting even" with a foreman for "snitching" is deviant and/or illegal behavior and those two male employees should be fired, no questions asked, for threats and acting in such an uncivilized nature. In the middle of all of this are the foreman employees. The first people that should be punished are the people that are not working or working as quickly as they should be. However, there has to be a balance between keeping people working and being legal and civil about it. That balance is clearly not there.


Unless there is a major cost disparity, there needs to be the option to work four ten hour shifts a week or five eight hour shifts. It is clear that there is support for the ten hour days but some of the employees prefer not to work that much in a single day and it is clear that it is causing an issue given the punishment of Myrtle and the reaction from her colleagues. Next, Blaine should be removed as operations manager immediately. He is not qualified and the fact that he is family does not mean that he should get the job. It is true that family businesses are famous for engaging in nepotism and that is technically not illegal. However, Blaine is clearly not qualified and the situation demands someone that is up to the task. Third, any and all policies that dock pay that is lawfully earned need to be eliminated immediately and any prior dockings of pay along those lines should be made right. The Department of Labor, either federal or state, will be all over LJ Summers if even a single employee reports this action to the authorities. Fourth, overtime should be meted out as needed but people will not supervised at all times and they should be punished or fired. Along those same lines, people that are not being sufficiently productive should also be deatl with in much the same way. There should be a minimum quota that should be reached for all people. Anyone that does not meet the quota should be disciplined in a progressive… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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