Marijuana Legalization the Reason Term Paper

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Also there is proof that the government may also benefit to the extent of eight billion dollars from edification and healing programs. Another benefit would be that the drug lords who gain a lot of money in the form of profits for these drugs like nearly twenty billion dollars. Even the relation between the U.S. And Latin American Countries can be improved by legalizing these drugs. (Marijuana - Legalize or Not)

It can be said that it won't be too long before which Marijuana will be legalized, as seven states have already made the usage of the drug legal, which include California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. (Sager, 31). A lot of experts are in favor of legalizing the drug, one of who is the Baltimore Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke who is very much in favor of the drug. (Evans 9a). Also Dr. Ethan A Nadelmann, an assistant professor at Princeton University also favors the use of the drug. He feels that while trying to fight the drug off we have been only incurring high costs and imprisoning low-level criminals, at the same time increasing the drug costs and profits. (Evans 9a)

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Though it can be said that the current system is too adapt at controlling the drug usage and distribution and may lead to a lot of addicts using the drug for unnecessary purpose. The drug should be legalized but at the same time the actually quantity that should be available should be regularized by the government. (Brown) Now the government has come up with a solution that would go to state that the drug would be supplied to those who would regulate its distribution and avoid it from reaching the hands of children, along with being subjected by heavy penalties. (Brown 13) Along with being very medically useful, Marijuana is also very beneficial to reduce the pains and discomforts incurred in everyday life. Like a physician who provides a prescription for psychoactive or other such drugs, similarly Marijuana can be prescribed.

Term Paper on Marijuana Legalization the Reason as Assignment

The entire use of the drug is still not known to most because of the numerous laws that are attached along with the drug usage and distribution, in order to realize the actual potential of the drug it is important that we reduce the criminal laws and also the various other psychoactive substances that are used in reference to non-medical purposes. It is because of all these laws that the actual many-sided potential of Marijuana is not being realized. Even it should be legalized like the consumption of alcohol which can be termed to be a far more dangerous product that Marijuana itself. The drug should be removed from the medical laws and should be available for adult usage.


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