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Marilyn Monroe

The life story of Marilyn Monroe, the renowned movie actress of the fifties is considered to be a movie in itself. This depicts the story of a glamorous movie star who turned to her movie career from the modelling. The personal life of Marilyn is taken to be more thrilling than the story of her movies. (Marilyn Monroe biography: A short biography of world famous movie star, Marily Monroe) Marilyn Monroe was born as Norma Jeane on June 1, 1926. Her childhood days passed in foster homes and in orphanage since, her father discarded her and her mother, Gladys Monroe Baker, an employee was then in a mental hospital. Marilyn used her last name of her mother and only at the age of 16 could discover that her father was not Mortenson. (Classic Movie Star's Marilyn Monroe Tribute)

The childhood of Marilyn Monroe was described as neglected, foster homes and alleged sexual abuse and emotional pains. At the age of seven years she was residing with her mother for a small period of time prior to his admission in a rest home. The mental illness of her mother led to admission of her mother in a mental hospital and Norma was forced to live with Grace McKee a close associate of her mother till 1935, when Grace married. Marilyn had to change seven foster homes finally returning to live with Grace in 1941. Instances of sexual assault were there while she was in one of her foster homes. (Norma Jeane: ( full Download Microsoft Word File
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In 1942, Grace being overburdened with financial difficulties resolved to move to East Coast and persuaded Marilyn to marry 21-year-old Jim Dougherty, the son a neighbour. With the joining of Jim in the Merchant Marines, he was moved to New Guinea and then to the Pacific during the period of War. Feeling lonely Norma Jeane engaged in an aircraft and parachute-inspecting plant. However, that could not serve her purpose of filling the time. In 1944, one army photographer, Private David Conover, producing a magazine on women- Yank- offered her $5 per hour to model for him for several weeks. With the publication of the photographs she soon attracted the attention of the Blue Book Model Agency. She had an astounding success in her modelling career within a year. At the age of twenty the casting director Ben Lyon of 20th Century Fox interviewed her and called her to do the first screen test that led to signing of the contract on August 26, 1946 at the offering of $75 a week however, with the condition of changing her name from Norma Jeane Dougherty to somewhat more alluring. (Norma Jeane: (

The studio first thought of giving her the name of Carol Lind but later Ben Lyon recommended Marilyn after the name of Marilyn Miller, the renowned actress. Norma Jeane accepted the suggestion and added her mother's maiden name Monroe and become Marilyn Miller. Marilyn was determined to becoming a renowned movie star. She dedicated to the acting, singing, dancing classes imparted by the studios everyday since she could know that to excel in the field she was required not simply to be good but to be the best in the field. Phoebe Brand one of her teacher could visualise her to be a self-conscious girl who never spoke up in class and admitted his failure in detecting wit or her sense of humour in her acting. To her depress, she was dropped by Fox studio after one year of her contract. Being out of cash following out of employment she was associated with Actors Laboratory considered as a haven of Broadway talent in Los Angeles. It was opined that her exposure to the ambiguous and intellectual elements of New York and of the successful actors of New York had a lasting impact on her. The financial need forced her during 1940 to return to modelling and also to pursue the unacceptable trades. It was even alleged that during 1947 and 1948 she worked as a part-time call-girl and actress in stag films. (Struggle to Stardom)

During 1948 she was supported by John, a well established actor and his wife Lucille Caroll, a casting direct at metro Goldwyn Mayer. With their patronage Marilyn continued her modelling career. During March 1948, Marilyn was offered a contract with Columbia Pictures for six months at $75 per week. She could get a role in the movie Ladies of the Chorus where she succeeded in demonstrating her singing, acting and dancing skills. The contract with Columbia was terminated after six months and Marylyn found again in a state of out of job and out of money. At this juncture, she preferred even to pose nude for photographer Tom Kelley for Calendar layout. This had much hue and cry at that time and led to the emerging scandal of 'The Calendar Caper'. During the same year she played a part in the Marx Brother's film Love Happy in a role of sexy girl. With her sex appeal she could succeed in returning to the 20th Century Fox studio with a contract of $500 a week for her role in his movie titled Asphalt Jungle. (Struggle to Stardom) in 1951 she extended the contract for another six months. Within a couple of years she could act in nine movies and gaining much publicity and increasing fans. At the beginning of the fifties thus Marilyn became the leading sex symbol of Hollywood. (Hollywood's Leading Sex Symbol)

Even though the conjugal life of Marilyn Monroe began with her marriage with Jim Dougherty in 1942; however, the loneliness of Marilyn forced her to have affairs in her married life. Irrespective of the fact that many reports of men acclaimed to have been her lovers but only a few could substantiate the claim. Andre de Dienes, a 32-year-old photographer persuaded her to divorce her husband and marry him. There were many lovers during her first marriage which she admitted to be neither unhappy nor painful but just boring. In 1946 she filed for divorce. (Norma Jeane: ( During 1948 she was in love with seventy-year-old Joe Schenck who helped her to get the contract signed with Columbia Pictures. Later she came in contact with 32-year director of music Fred Karger which was acclaimed to be the first true love of Marilyn. The relationship ended within a year, when Fred could discover that the love between them was not reciprocal. During 1949 she had an affair with Johnny Hyde, the most popular and powerful agent of Hollywood. (Struggle to Stardom)

The love life of Marilyn was in full swing during 1952. She had affairs with legendary figures like Joe Dimaggio, baseball champion and writer Bob Slatzer. Bob Slatzer married her on Oct. 4, 1952. However, the marriage could survive only for three days. Later she married the baseball legend Joe DiMaggio during 1954. However, the marriage could not last long due to jealousy and physical abuse of Joe. From 1954 to 1956 Marilyn preferred to disappear from the public eye with a self imposed exile to Connecticut and then in an apartment in New York. During this time she developed the relationship with playwright Arthur Miller and eventually married on June 29, 1956. At the beginning of sixties she found herself amidst a series of nervous breakdowns, many failed pregnancies and unsuccessful marriages. Such mental stresses brought disruption in her life and happiness and had profound impact on her career. (Unhappily Married)

Marilyn was found dead on the evening of August 4th, 1962 as a result of severe poisoning of drugs which contained barbiturate acid. The report cited to be an overdose of Nembutal and Chloral Hydrate which were given usually for insomnia. The occurrence of such overdose is still debated and is ambiguous. The death controversy of Marilyn Monroe is centred on the four theories which are Suicide, accidental overdoes which are done deliberately by oneself, accidental overdoses which are given by someone else, and Murder. Committing suicide is inferred taking into consideration her unsuccessful romantic relationships, failure in her movie career in her latter part of her life and as due to depression. This has been the officially announced cause of Marilyn's death. The next theory is accidental overdoses which are self-administered. It has been said that ignoring the consequences, Marilyn took overdoses of sleeping pills which became fatal for her. Thirdly it was speculated that Marilyn was given the overdoses by means of enema or injection mostly given by Dr. Ralph Greenson and by Eunice Murray who was Marilyn's housekeeper. Finally, the death was also suspected to be a murder by administering overdose through enema or injection and suspects include the Kennedy's with an objective to end Marilyn since she knew too much. Other suspects also included Mafia more particularly, Sam Giancana. Irrespective of the fact that many have their own theory of speculations and interpretations; still it is more apparent that the death can never be called to be a true suicide. It was much… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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