Maritime Business Term Paper

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Maritime Business

Pride Of American - Ncla Passenger Cruise Ship

Section 7 Find a MEBA Union contract and answer #a - g.

What are the major responsibilities for a third mate and a third assistant engineer respectively?

What approximately percentage does fuel cost represent in the total voyage operating expenses? Discuss the various factors that affect fuel consumption.

Select a major maintenance project (either deck or engine) and compile a list of the parts or inventory items needed, describe the following:

the function of those items;

the consumption rates for those items (how often they are used) how to keep track of inventory of those items; and the acquisition process of those inventory items.

What computer program does the vessel use for inventory management? Please describe its functionality and demonstrate an example.

For deck majors please answer the following questions regarding voyage planning.

In preparation for a voyage, how does the deck department plan the following:

vessel supplies (food, fresh water, spare parts, paint, twist locks, wires, etc.) and maintenance

Fuel replenishment;

Physical inventory check

Crew change;

Cargo operations.

Who is responsible for route plnning? What computer program does the vessel use? How does it work? Pleasea give an example including print-outs from the program.

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If the vessel has to go through waters known to have terrorist or pirate activities, what precautionary measures have to be taken?

Term Paper on Maritime Business Assignment

What documents does the vessel have to prepare for port entry and clearance? Please… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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