Market Communication Plan for Divine Marketing Plan

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This communication plan will help the company in better targeting its consumers, transform their consumption behavior in the favor if Fair Trade products, and improve the company's advertising and promotional campaigns (Ferrell & Hartline 2011).


The DAGMAR Approach (Defining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results) will help the company in achieving its aforementioned aims and objectives in the most productive and efficient way. According to this approach, the company's consumers will pass through four different stages in order to become its brand loyal customers. These stages are: awareness, comprehension, conviction, and action (Batra, Myers, & Aaker 2009).

1. Awareness:

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The first step in the DAGMAR Approach is to create awareness among the general consumers about the company's products. In this step, Divine Chocolate will make efforts to create awareness about its Fair Trade products among the target consumers from the United Kingdom and United States markets. It will be done by running advertising and promotional campaigns that communicate the features, ingredients, certifications, and other attributes of the Fair Trade chocolates. One important thing which Divine Chocolate will have to consider in this step is to make sure that its awareness campaigns are more powerful and effective than those of its competitor brands. Personal selling, direct marketing, trade shows, pull strategies, and other sales promotion efforts can be done in order to make the consumer pass through the first stage and consider Fair Trade chocolates among their purchase choices (Divine Chocolate 2013).

2. Comprehension:

Marketing Plan on Market Communication Plan for Divine Assignment

Comprehension step aims to persuade the consumers to purchase the product by communicating its various benefits. In this step, Divine Chocolate will have to focus on communicating the benefits of eating high quality chocolates. It can promote its Fair Trade chocolates through both physical and social benefits, i.e. The benefits of eating chocolates that are made from the highest quality of ingredients and processed under strict and hygienic quality and safety standards along with the contribution of chocolates sales towards the social well-being and economic development of the poor farmers of Ghana (Fridell 2008). The main purpose of Divine Chocolate in this step will be to make the consumers learn about benefits of the Fair Trade chocolates as well as the social contributions which it aims to make through their sales (Trauben 2009).

3. Conviction or Attitude:

In the next step, Divine Chocolate will have to create interest of the general consumers in the Fair Trade chocolates. It will have to emotionally persuade its most potential consumers to have first trial of its high quality chocolates. It will basically try to mold the purchase decision of its consumers in favor of its products by running effective advertising and promotional campaigns on different marketing mediums (Brassington & Pettitt 2006).

4. Action:

The final step will be to assist the consumer in buying the product. In this step, the company will communicate its location, presence, or distribution strategies so as to make it convenient for the target consumers to actually buy its Fair Trade products. It will tell them the store location, contact (e.g. UAN or toll free numbers), and web addresses where they can find and order their favorite Divine chocolate products. Personal selling, free samples, and trade shows done to increase awareness and comprehension about these products will also assist the company in the action stage of DAGMAR model (Batra, Myers, & Aaker 2009). For example, Divine Chocolate can promote its products through free samples in a trade show or special festival and guide the consumers in finding the company owned stores and retail location for their future purchases (Blythe & Megicks 2010).

Strategies for an Effective Market Communication:

In order to effectively market its Fair Trade chocolates among its target consumers, Divine Chocolate will have to formulate a full-fledged marketing communication plan (Blythe & Megicks 2010). This plan will consist of relevant strategies which will help it throughout the marketing and promotional campaigns and efforts.

i. The Choice of Marketing Medium:

One of the major issues which companies face in market communication is the choice of the most effective medium for their products. There is a variety of marketing mediums that enable business organizations to target their most potential consumers in different market segments. Some of these mediums reach every corner of the world while others target a very small market segment. For its Fair Trade products, Divine Chocolate can choose electronic media as the best promotional medium. This medium is recommended because television and radio have a huge target audience all over the world. In order to promote Fair Trade certified products in the Global community, Divine Chocolate should use these mediums throughout the year.

Another most effective promotional medium of all the time is print media. Divine Chocolate can advertise and promote its products on major newspapers, magazines, industry publications, annual reports, company circulars for general public, and other publication. These mediums also reach a larger target audience with a continuous recurrence throughout the year (Lancaster & Withey 2007). Moreover, Divine Chocolate can use its own web incarnation to promote its Fair Trade products. It can make its website more comprehensive and informative for the general visitors. The products can be promoted on the website by featuring their benefits, credentials or certifications, pricing, and other attributes. Other mediums include social media networking sites, bill boards, and in-store displays which can help the company in better targeting its consumers and boosting up its sales throughout the year (Ellwood 2002).

ii. Communication Considerations:

In addition to the choice of marketing mediums and applying DAGMAR model to persuade the consumers, Divine Chocolate will also have to keep in mind certain communication considerations while implementing its market communication plan (Paley 2006). The first and foremost is the strategies of its competitor brands. There are numerous chocolate brands in the United Kingdom, United States, Europe, and other target markets which use different types of quality credentials and certifications to promote their products. Divine Chocolate will have to keep an eye on the pricing, placement, and promotional strategies and tactics which these competitor brands are using for their products (Brassington & Pettitt 2006).

Secondly, Divine Chocolate will have make efforts to strengthen its brand elements like logo, slogan, color combinations, and other brand imagery which leave a long lasting impact in the consumers' minds. It will increase the breadth and depth of its brand which are quite effective in the awareness stage of DAGMAR model (Batra, Myers, & Aaker 2009). Moreover, the market communication plan should be implemented under a specified marketing budget. Divine Chocolate should allocate the available marketing budget to all the selected promotional and advertising mediums according to their significance and effectiveness for its Fair Trade chocolates. For example, the television, radio, and newspapers should be allocated the largest marketing budget due to the fact that they are to be used throughout the year at a large scale. In contrast, in-store displays and bill boards will require lesser budget as they will only be used during special events and festivals (Mu-hlbacher, Dahringer, & Leihs 2006).

Another consideration in the implementation of market communication plan is market scheduling for Fair Trade chocolates. Divine Chocolate should use different market mediums according to their effectiveness during different time periods. For example, trade shows, community events, and sales promotional shows should be used when the company has stable financial position and sufficient resources to expend on expensive marketing campaigns (Kurtz, MacKenzie, & Snow 2010). Similarly, discount offers should be used during peak periods like Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, etc. Finally, the company should keep in mind the business and marketing ethics while designing its advertising and promotional campaigns for its Fair Trade chocolates. For example, its campaigns must not include any such statements, promises, or critics which may harm or disrespect the social norms or values of certain community group of class of the society (Brassington & Pettitt 2006). All its marketing efforts should be focused on promoting Divine Chocolates as the best quality Fair Trade chocolates available in the market (Batsell 2004).


Divine Chocolate is committed to promote Fair Trade in the Global community by producing the best quality chocolates and supporting the poor cocoa farmers from Ghana. The efforts made by Divine Chocolate in this regard have greatly helped it to become the most sustainable and socially responsible corporate entity. Divine Chocolate faces a strict competition from small chocolate brands which use other certifications to attract potential consumers. Therefore, it needs to redesign its market communication plan to beat these competitor brands and promote the most reliable and authentic certification -- the Fair Trade.


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Brassington, F. & Pettitt, S.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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