Market Summary/Swot Analysis Victory Motorcycles: A Division SWOT

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Market Summary/SWOT Analysis

Victory Motorcycles: A division of Polaris Industries

Situation Analysis:

Market summary

On its website, Victory Motorcycles markets itself as a classic American motorcycle that can give its riders the freedom of the open road. It stresses its all-American image: one of the first promotional messages a reader encounters is the fact that the company is soliciting donations for American troops abroad. It also offers a $1,000 discount for members of the armed forces.

Currently, America's economic recovery is somewhat uncertain and the consumption of luxury, expensive and durable goods has reduced. But motorcycles, for the cash-strapped, can also provide a fuel-efficient form of mobility. "As gas prices continue to rise to figures unseen before in the United States, as well as around the world, millions of Americans are looking at gas-friendly modes of transportation. Among the options available are scooters and motorcycles, which are quickly becoming sought after and a popular form of transportation. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that there are approximately 6.6 million registered motorcycles, not including scooters, in the United States" (Scooters and motorcycles, Technology for the Future, 2010).

Target markets

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Baby boomers who idealize America's historic 'Old West' and Easy Rider past are likely to respond to Victory's current market image. However, young people seeking thrills and adventure on the open road and a piece of America's past -- as well as some savings on gas -- are also part of the target market.

Market demographics

SWOT on Market Summary/Swot Analysis Victory Motorcycles: A Division Assignment

The motorcycle market is extremely diverse. On one hand, it can encompass individuals who cannot afford cars, who are very young with little disposable income and are attracted to the price tag of vehicles considerably cheaper than new cars. For other potential riders, including collectors, motorcycles are secondary modes of transportation and expensive 'fun rides.' Victory advertises its 'value' but no motorcycle is cheap: it is essential to promote both its cost-efficiency and style to attract both types of consumers.

Market needs

Power and affordability drive the needs of the current motorcycle market -- there is a need for power, especially for individuals who wish to use motorcycles for daily commuting, as well as for adventurous use. However, individuals who seek motorcycles as luxury purchases for fun may wish to have added amenities to their vehicle, such as a fancy color or design for physical 'show' and 'sex appeal.'

Market Trends

'Snazzier' new motorcycles in eye-catching colors are now featured more often in the industry trade publications like Motorcycle Cruiser. A youthful as well as a classic image is becoming more prominent. To draw younger, new motorcycle consumers away from the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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