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Advertising is part of the marketing mix that is designed to persuade a consumer to purchase something. Of course, there are many ways of doing this, and the "science" of this media has certainly evolved in the last century. Advertising is subliminal, sophisticated, pervasive, covert, overt, and a seminal part of the contemporary world. Advertising is particularly important within the market niche of fast food -- particularly when a company tries to compete with the giant mega corporations of McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Wendy's. Jack-in-the-Box, founded in 1951, has over 2,100 locations that primarily serve the western part of the United States. The e coli scare of 1993 hurt the company, which lost millions of dollars as a result. However, after the scare, the company came out with a new marketing strategy, menu add ons, and a number of safety issues designed to assure the public of the restaurant's safety (See, for example, "Jack in the box," 2009).

Jack in the box Mini Sirloin Burger Commercial -- to launch a new product, the Mini Sirloin Burger, Jack in the box turns towards a combination of humor, anachronism, and disproportion, the audience is drawn into -- "Oh my, look at that." The ad is not serious, but it is meant to be discussed, meant to be remembered. The idea that the "mini-burger" would come from a mini-cow, rustled by a mini-wrangler on a mini-horse, but still have the taste of the maxi. Thus, no difference in taste, but now on the bandwagon for the "slider." The Table below represents the analysis of the commercial from a Marketing/Advertising Perspective:

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Message Strategy

Combination Conative and Promotional

Certainly, designed to inspire clients to run to the nearest JIB and purchase the mini burgers. However, the message strategy supports the continual "Jack" promotions (witness end) and the notion that the little guy can be "bigger" than the big guy.


Emotional -- How cute, repetition, and cleverness

TOPIC: Marketing Plan on Marketing Advertising Is Part of the Marketing Assignment

The idea of being cute makes the consumer pay attention -- the whimsical nature makes it noticed, and discussed.

Creative Brief


The magical realism view involves not sex, in this case, but nostalgia -- the idea of the range, the cowboy life, and the honesty of the lone range comes through.

Leverage Point

Assumption of culture

The western is a cultural icon in American entertainment -- it brings back the idea of simplicity -- yet new taste and the idea of ensuring the JIB will do what the customer wants. In this case, the nostalgia plus the picture of juicy mini-burgers leverages the entertainment value with reality.

Executional Framework

Dramatization with use of magical realism

The audience does not expect the "miniaturization" of cows, cowboys, horses, or the ranch. It is a dramatization of the old "Spaghetti" westerns, but with a twist to remember.



Jack ends the commercial… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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