Marketing Audit Essay

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Marketing Audit

The following marketing audit will be conducted on Rimmel London, based in the UK. The company was established in 1834 by Eugene Rimmel, a French perfumer. The company produces and commercializes a wide range of cosmetics products that have been developed since the company was established, in order to anticipate the needs of consumers and to adapt to the changing preferences of buyers.


The company produces and commercializes make up products for eyes, nails, lips, face, and body. Each of these lines of products includes numerous items that are intended to address the preferences of users. For example, the eyes make up line consists of several types of mascara: waterproof, adjustable, regular, eye shadow: mousse, powder, metallic, regular, several color combinations, eye liner, eye pencils in numerous colors, and others.

Regarding the quality of the products, it seems that the company is unable to reach high quality standards for all of its products (Rimmel, 2010). In other words, there are products of high quality that satisfy users, and products that consumers are not satisfied with. This customer satisfaction in the case of Rimmel London can be observed on the company's website, in the customer review section. Products like skin foundation and face powders have received great reviews from customers, while certain types of mascara are considered to be completely unacceptable by customers that used them.

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TOPIC: Essay on Marketing Audit the Following Marketing Audit Will Assignment

Rimmel London's main competitors are represented by Maybelline New York and Astor. These companies commercialize similar products to those commercialized by Rimmel, and they provide them in the same price range. Even more, the companies of these products can often be found in the same stores, drug stores, and hypermarkets. Product differentiation in this case can be achieved by different production technologies,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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