Marketing Audit on a Local Navy Recruiting District Term Paper

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Marketing Audit on a Local Navy Recruiting District

Marketing Audit of a local Navy Recruiting District

NAME and ADDRESS of (the division of) the organization or company you have chosen to examine.

US Navy Recruiting District, Los Angeles

5051 Rodeo Road

The organization's MISSION

The mission of Navy Recruiting District Los Angeles is to recruit high quality men and women for enlisted and officer programs to meet the Navy's quantitative and program needs as specified by the Navy Personnel Command. Recruiting goals must be achieved with integrity. All personnel must be trained to accomplish these goals.

GENERAL OBJECTIVES or GOALS of the organization

Navy Recruiting District Los Angeles is tasked with recruiting between 2500 and 3000 men and women each year. Each must meet specific standards for enlistment or commissioning in the Navy.

The PRODUCTS (or services) that the organization markets or provides.

The service is to provide counseling and recruitment for the U.S. Navy.

The company's primary COMPETITORS, and a brief summary of how each competes.

The U.S. Navy competes with the other branches of the service including the U.S. Air Force, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marines. The U.S. Navy centers on the message of accelerating your life to critical new goals.

Branch of Service

Unique Value Proposition


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AIR FORCE the mission of Air Force Recruiting Service is to recruit quality men and women with the right skills, at the right time, in the right numbers to sustain the combat capability of America's Air Force

The Air Force stresses the ability to give high school graduates interesting jobs and the opportunity to have a college education paid for.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Marketing Audit on a Local Navy Recruiting District Assignment

ARMY Army Strong Focuses on reaching the highest level of personal performance possible and uses innovative messaging and a very well designed site:

COAST GUARD the Shield of Freedom Focuses on a series of affirmations to underscore the need for personal service to the U.S. cause of Homeland Security.

MARINES Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful) the best of recruitment sites, this is Flash-based and includes moving images of key moments in the Marines' history.

NAVY Accelerate Your life Messaging focuses on both the technological expertise of the Navy and its opportunities for personal growth including a Life Accelerator:

The CUSTOMERS it serves.

In the case of the U.S. Navy the customer served is the Department of Defense, which needs recruits in all armed forces. For the U.S. Navy the need for sailors, technicians and supply chain personnel is critical for keeping supply chains moving.


List your organization's main PRODUCTS (goods and/or services).

Branch of Service

Unique Value Proposition

Main Products

NAVY Accelerate Your life the desired result of the U.S. Navy's efforts at recruitment center on getting high-demand positions filled in this branch of the armed services. As can be seen from the site: the extensive use of Macromedia Flash programming, there is a strong focus on enticing recruits for high profile, fascinating careers while stressing the need for the following difficult-to-fill positions:

Aircraft maintenance workers

Nurses and physicians

Officers in key positions as shown throughout the position planning tools

DESCRIBE in DETAIL each product/service in your table


Value Proposition of the Position


Aircraft maintenance workers

Opportunity to work on jets that must be kept in excellent condition as they are used on Aircraft carriers

Shows many images of aircraft, aircraft carriers and the many tools available to the technicians completing the repairs. The position is shown as exciting and integral to the development of the Naval Air Command.

Nurses and physicians

Opportunity to make a difference on a floating hospital the U.S.S. Mercy.

Appeals to the motivations many nurses and physicians have for making a major difference in the lives of others; images of the U.S.S. Mercy and the roles of medical professionals on the ship and elsewhere.


The opportunity to provide leadership and assistance to those under ones' command

Shows officers in leadership positions, working to accomplish objectives and also complete critical tasks including the development of entirely new programs for accomplishing strategic objectives.

Create a PRODUCT/MARKET MATRIX by listing the various target markets down the left side of the table, and listing the product categories across the top of the table.

As the U.S. Navy focuses on recruiting from three distinct and different markets to fill positions of enlisted, officer, and re-enlisting Navy veterans.





Re-enlisting veterans

High School

Focus is on getting recruits from high school signed up and through training, giving them the choice of which specific area of expertise they want to focus on.

Relies on creating opportunities for college students to gain useful help in completing their degrees while enlisting in the Navy. This includes financial assistance.

For college graduates, the orientation of this part of the site is on giving this segment of the recruitment base an opportunity for professional growth and the opportunity to quickly accomplish career goals.

For those veterans who left the military to gain a college education and re-entered the service, there are career paths and the re-listing of benefits as well.

Professional including Physicians

For high-need positions of nurses and physicians, there are quick on-ramping processes in place to get these highly valuable recruits into positions of contributing rapidly. The highest sign-on bonuses in the entire military are for these positions.

A smaller and less-promoted program is also available for those that left the U.S. Navy and have earned nursling or medical degrees and look to use their expertise in assisting on ships and in naval hospitals.

Does the product (goods and/or services) line meet the DEMANDS of the MARKET?

The positions or markets are aligned with the specific markets very well, and there are many incentives in place to recruit those in the greatest demand throughout the U.S. Navy. These specifically include those in nursing and medical fields, as there is an acute shortage in all armed forces in these expertise areas.

To be complete, also address SUPPORT SERVICES (extra services in support of a product category, such as gift-wrapping or delivery) needed for each target market, and/or for each product/service category. Again, a table is a great way to present this information.


Support Services



Re-enlisting veterans

High School

Support for Life Planning in the form for the Life Accelerator, an innovative approach to illustrating how a commitment to the U.S. Navy right out of school can yield significant value.

As with High School, the use of the Life Accelerator can give college students a sense of how they can attain their personal goals with the U.S. Navy.

The recruiting strategies of recent college graduates who may have young families are given a wealth of benefits including healthcare, sea pay, and many other benefits aimed at giving young families stability.

Same as the new college graduate benefits in addition to the offer of having seniority re-instated when reenlistment is completed.

Professional including Physicians

Extensive financing support for paying for nursing and medical source; high end signing bonuses (over $10K) and annual bonuses over $35K for the most in-demand physician disciplines.

The same benefits and accelerated signing and yearly bonuses for service in addition to having seniority re-instated when reenlistment is completed.

Within each product/service category, should any products (goods and/or services be PHASED OUT?

None of these products or service areas can or should be phased out due to the acute need of each of these specific support and recruit segmentation requirements. In fact each specific area needs to be augmented for the U.S. Navy to accomplish its recruitment objectives.

Should any products/services be ADDED? Again you may suggest additions within a product/service category, or the addition of a category itself.

There needs to be a greater level of service specifically offered to the college graduates in the area of stressing the ability to quickly gain a graduate degree quickly and at no cost due to their service in the U.S. Navy. There also needs to be a stronger focus on life planning tools for all re-enlisting members of this armed service. Finally the many benefits for families need to be more clearly communicate and a Family Accelerator also needs to be created to guide enlisted and officer-level members of this armed service to gain the maximum benefits from this branch of the service.

What is the GENERAL CONDITION of each product (good and/or service) and the product (goods and/or services) mix as a whole? Overall, DO THEY HAVE a GOOD PRODUCT MIX? Do they have competitive advantage?

The U.S. Navy has an excellent mix of positions and services for the specific markets of recruits they are looking to enlist in their branch of the service. The general condition of each product or service is quite unique and focuses on the long-range perspective of having a life plan. The Life Accelerator is an excellent tool to show recruits the long-range implications of their commitment to the U.S. Navy, and could be augmented to also include families as well.

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