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Private label products' biggest advantage is that they alleviate the costs of manufacturing while freeing up brand marketers to focus entirely on brand equity management and creating product demand. International brands fulfill an entirely different role in that they are concentrating on the unique and often highly differentiated needs of a given market. As the cultural needs and requirements of a given market can vary significantly, international brands are often tailored to reflect the specific cultural, religious and often moral requirements of a given market. The Islamic communities throughout Southeast Asia and the Middle East have very strict requirements for products, and international brands need to be cognizant of these and define product strategies accordingly.

4) Discuss the emerging trends of consumer brand products in the 21st. century.

Of the many trends influencing consumer brand products in the 21st century, by far the most pervasive and powerful is the rapid adoption of social networks. There are a myriad of implications for brand marketers of social networks and their pervasive adoption, yet the most significant is the fact that consumers are choosing entirely new channels of how to learn about new products. Hey're also changing how they choose to stay connected with existing brands as well. All of this equates to a fundamental shift in the strategies, programs and product planning and launch cycles of consumer brand-based companies. The speed of this change is accelerating as well, as social networks are making it possible for customers to create and sustain their own communities online.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Creative Writing on Marketing and Branding Discuss the Assignment

An ancillary point to the explosive growth of social networks is the need customers most loyal to brands feel the need to be involved in the brand itself; they seek to be part of the experience. The popularity of YouTube video contests, social media-based programs to get customers involved in brands, and their willingness to our time and money into these pursuits all signals a shift in how brand management needs to be handled today and well into the future. No longer can branding be just focused on the functional, or worse, the utilitarian aspects of a given product. Branding must focus on the emotive aspects of products, underscoring the value of customers interacting with and becoming part of the brand strategy itself. The branding trends today all point to the customer wanting to be increasingly involved in each aspect of the branding mix itself and in effect create the branding experience for themselves. In essence the customer wants to help create the brands they love and are; loyal too; and the precursor of this is how amazingly strong the brand value is for Apple, Harley Davison and Nike are for example.

5) Identify and discuss six reasons why successful brands failed over time in the market place.

He six reasons why successful brands have failed in the marketplace include the following: losing track of the customer and their needs; arrogance of a successful brand making a company complacent; inability of product development to keep pace with market requirements; violating the customers' trust by not telling the truth about a brand; seeking to create a market based on technology instead of market needs; and reverting back to speaking in the language of the company internally rather than that of the customer.

The cardinal sin of brand failure is losing track of customers and their needs, both from a function and more importantly, from an emotional standpoint as well. Brands die when they forget about customers. Second, success without humility can lead to any brand failing due to complacency and a tendency to assume momentum alone will support future growth. The inability of a product development team to stay in step with customer requirements also will lead to a brand failing, when brands violate the trust of customers by promising more than they can deliver or worse, creating bad products, a brand will quickly fail. The tendency of many technology companies to speak first of their technical prowess instead of customer needs will over time kill a product or if done long enough, a company brand as well. Finally, if a company chooses to speak in their own language internally instead of that of the customer, there will be brand attrition and eventually it will fail. Companies need to always speak in the language of the customer, respecting their needs, to succeed over the long-term. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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