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It is estimated that the thermal limits currently seen on coral reefs will be exceeded annually by the years 2030 -- 2050 even using the best case climate projections (Worboys and DeLacy, 2003).

For terrestrial areas, where 5 Star tours operate, the 2003 bushfires in the Australian Alps occurred in one of the most severe droughts in Australia's history, as described by the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology. Record high temperatures that occurred during the bushfires have been interpreted as an effect of global warming (Worboys and DeLacy, 2003). Other than taking into account additional safety planning in the event of bushfires, 5 Star anticipates no changes to its bush country tour packages.

Habitat destruction in Australia is accelerating, with the country having as much land cleared in the last 50 years as happened in the 150 years before 1945. In 1999, 400,000 hectares of land were cleared, registering the fifth worse clearing outcome for the planet that year. In 2000, some 500,000 hectares were cleared. The number of nationally endangered and vulnerable species increased between 1994 and 2001 when Australia had 1451 species and 27 communities that were listed as either endangered or vulnerable (Worboys and DeLacy, 2003). Given ecotourist preference for wildlife viewing as part of their trip activities, the impact of habitat destruction to 5 Star could potentially lead to fewer high quality or degraded tour destinations.

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The availability of potable water is especially important in Australia. Intensive development of river systems in the Murray-Darling basin for irrigation and in the coastal river systems near major urban centers for potable and industrial water has resulted in water extractions exceeding sustainable yields (Worboys and DeLacy, 2003).

Goals and Objectives

TOPIC: Essay on Marketing Communications Plan for 5 Assignment

Given growth projections for the tourism industry in general and for ecotourism in particular, 5 Star sales goals include expanding its ecotourism business and increasing its market share by 10% over the coming year. 5 Star marketing objectives for existing customers is to expand their adventure and luxury tours, upselling additional clients to optional packages add-ons, while adding new customers from the expanding market of overnight visitors to the Victoria region. Ecotourists represented nearly 30% of domestic travelers (TIES, 2000). Given that research indicates an increase in domestic tourism due to the effects of climate change (Hamilton et al., 2005), 5 Star believes their projected increase in revenues and market share to be realistic.


5 Star plans to position its product based on offering exceptional levels of service, combined with packages offering unique travel destinations and activities. Given the global economy, 5 Star expects to maintain prices at 2010 levels. They believe their tour packages offer unusual value to their clientele who are looking for focused nature tourism holidays. 5 Star will maintain and expand its current distribution channels, including working with local and regional councils to promote ecotourism. 5 Star's promotion strategy includes the company website, social media marketing, customer newsletter, and direct mail brochures highlighting their unique ecotourism offerings.

Implementing and Evaluating the Marketing Plan

5 Star will use a mix of TV and radio spots, as well as local newspaper advertising after weighting their media to determine how best to reach their market for specific campaigns. The company plans to track the results of the marketing plan using media-specific tracking methods. This will allow them to determine which activities are generating sales and making money for 5 Star.


The effects of climate change will impact tour operators in varying degrees, including 5 Star. Lack of snow may limit their ability to offer winter experiences, while increased fire hazards may limit bush hiking and camping experiences. Impacts on wildlife, such as change in migration patterns or decrease in food supply, can limit wildlife viewing opportunities. 5 Star plans to offer additional interpretative activities to compensate for such challenges as altered wilderness setting and wildlife viewing. For operators with a diverse product line, like 5 Star, the ability to substitute activities when weather affects a tour provides them with flexibility to continue operating profitably in the face of climate change and global warming. 5 Star's diversity is their greatest asset to survive and even thrive in spite of the challenges that global warming brings to the ecotourism industry.

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