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However, they may be considered useful when developing marketing information.

Comment on the usefulness of the margins of error you have obtained for a selection of your confidence intervals (both means and proportions). Perform two sample size calculations, one for means and one for proportions, using acceptable margins of error. Justify your choice of all the parameters used.

The margins of error were acceptable in analysing the sample: most of the variables consisted of small numbers (between one and five) and the sample size was 200, which is adequate for the determination of data. Population analyses were not used to analyze data for the American guests. The numbers were normally distributed and I was able to interpret customer data with a reasonable amount of certainty.

Statistical data shows that the firm consistantly operates at a loss during the fall and winter months. The modal motel guest is from New Zealand, consists of a couple with a child, and spends two days at the motel. The modal guest is extremely likely to eat at the restaurant and somewhat unlikely to engage in other activities such as sailing. Principal expenses are related to staffing. If the hotel were to close its doors during the winter or limit operation to being open on the weekend, revenues would be slightly better than they are now.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Marketing Data Collected to Analyze Assignment

Information that would still be of interest includes that regarding monthly data for 2001; between 2001 and 2002 profitability slumped considerably. This could be the result of several reasons; one is probably the failure of the organization to attract return visitors from New…
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