Marketing Dollar Scan Triad Research Paper

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Marketing Dollar Scan


Dollar Scan will provide a convenient and affordable service that will allow students, business, people, and private consumers to convert hard-copy documents into digital format. It is a service that enables consumers to do something that they could not otherwise accomplish without investing significant amounts of money in expensive hardware required for this process. It works by allowing customers to mail hard copies of any type of documents or books to the service and receive a digital file (such as a pdf file) via computer. It is a valuable service for anyone who has traditional hard-copy material that would be more useful to them in digital format.

Circles of Influence

Today, the digital revolution has made traditional hard-copy format information significantly less convenient and useful to many consumers than digital information that can be easily edited, stored, duplicated, and shared remotely via the Internet medium. The Dollar Scan service will be highly useful for students, for private individuals wishing to share hard-copy documents with other in their families, and for business professionals who must be able to edit, copy, and share important documents that may originate as hard-copy information that is much more difficult to manipulate and share.

3. Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

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According to Bloom's Digital Taxonomy, higher-order thinking involves the following specific processes: Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, and Creating. Dollar Scan marketing initiatives will be designed to maximize remembering and understanding the core marketing messages in relation to the respective target audiences for advertising. The nature of the service does not relate to the other elements of Bloom's Digital Taxonomy.

4. Essence of the Product

Research Paper on Marketing Dollar Scan Triad Dollar Scan Will Assignment

The essence of the Dollar Scan service is that it provides a capability that is highly useful and valuable but that is ordinarily either unavailable in any convenient form to consumers or unavailable without significant expense that may make it cost-prohibitive. It allows consumers to conveniently and affordably digitize hard-copy information to facilitate all of the possible uses of that information that are impossible or much more difficult otherwise.

5. Emotional Promise of the Product

The emotional promise of the product is that it instantly gives the consumer immediate control over the format of information that was previously only limited to hard-copying through traditional means of photocopying. It is anticipated that one unconscious promise will hold great appeal to potential customers: specifically, those with extensive collections of hard-copy documents and books who have never before succeeded in organizing and cataloguing those collections systematically. Dollar Scan promises to instantly eliminate the clutter of hard-copy document collections by replacing them with digital files.

6. Emotional Payoff of the Product

On an unconscious level, Dollar Scan emphasizes the element of direct control over information and over a problem that would otherwise be difficult to overcome: specifically, it allows the consumer to decide which documents he or she requires in digital format and to simply submit them to a service with directions to provide a digital version. In addition to the control over the choice of documents selected, the service also appeals to the natural impulse and desire to increase control over the documents themselves as a result of the increased ability to manipulate digital files.

7. Competitive Analysis (Competition)

The Dollar Scan service is not unique and is offered by other companies in various incarnations. However, most of those ventures have failed to capitalize on the market because they have not promoted the service for its convenience and they have not emphasized the low pricing options and the price control element that Dollar Scan emphasizes in its name and in its promotional initiatives.

8. Point of Difference U.S.P.

Current versions of similar services require the consumer to bring the hard-copy document to the point of service. Generally, only business-to-business versions of this service provide remote pickup and delivery via mail, such as in connection with bulk accounts. Dollar Scan specifically markets the advantage of the convenience of being able to mail any document or book to the company even for only one isolated use and without an existing bulk account.

9. U.S.P. Unique Selling Proposition

Existing competitive ventures market their services mainly to businesses rather than to the general consumer audience. Similarly, their advertisement campaigns lack the bells and whistles and the commercial appeal that is necessary to capture the interest of young people, students, and young professionals working for themselves. Dollar Scan will target these segments of the market and emphasize the advertisement strategies proven to be effective in that regard.

10. Marketing Message

"On Demand Scanning of Any Document for as little as $1.00" The rationale for this marketing message is that it connotes consumer control over the product (i.e. "on demand") and low cost. Those are the two primary benefits of the product and its two strongest selling points, each of which is prominently featured in the marketing message.

11. Niche Market

The general market for this product includes at least three separate niche markets, each requiring a specific marketing and advertising strategy. First, campaigns targeting professionals working from home will emphasize the business value of the service and its comparability to those services used by large organizations. Second, campaigns directed to students will emphasize the functional value of being able to edit, notate, and share digital documents that originated as hard copies. Third, campaigns directed to lay people, casual consumers, and senior citizens will emphasize the organizational advantages and sharing capabilities of digital documents converted from hard copies.

12. Demographics

The purchasing of commercial messaging will naturally be dictated by standard demographic data pertaining to the respective target audiences I relation to specific media.

13. Psychographics

The specific content of commercial messages and media will be determined by the values, interests, and activities that match the demographic variables of each market segment. For example, messages for independent home professionals will emphasize cost; those for students will emphasize capabilities, competitive advantage as students, and cost; and those directed at lay users and senior citizens will emphasize convenience, organization, and sharing capabilities with family and friends.

14 -- 19. Product Medium


The concept for the service is that digital documents are much more desirable than hardcopy documents and that digital documents offer numerous advantages to users.

Point-of-View (POV)

The principal point-of-view is that potential customers will recognize their need to convert hardcopy documents into digital format in various settings and applications.


The content of the product is an efficient service that allows consumers to simply mail their hardcopy documents to the service provider and then receive a convenient digital file by email that allows them to accomplish many things that they could not accomplish with the document in its original form.


The context of the service is variable and based on the specific market segment in question. For home professionals, the context is conveniently digitized documents in a manner that equals the quality of services used by large competitors at a reasonable cost. For students, the context is increasing the usefulness of hardcopy information sources and making them sharable with others. For lay consumers and senior citizens, the context is increasing their organization and their ability to share documents in a modern way without having to become computer literate to do so.


The process is very simple and only requires consumers to mail hardcopy documents and receive the product as an email attachment file in return.

Attitude and Style

The specific attitude and style that marketing initiatives will hope to emphasize differ and correspond to the attitudes and lifestyles of each market segment. The appeal to home professionals will be the functional similarity and comparable quality of Dollar Scan to the services available to larger competitors. The appeal to students will be the competitive advantage offered by digitized textbooks and other documents in connection with editing, referencing, quoting, and sharing remotely. The appeal to lay consumers and to senior citizens will be the modernity and convenience of digitized documents and the ability that Dollar Scan provides in connection with being able to communicate and share information with family and friends without extensive involvement in learning about computers. That segment will also respond to the marketing messages about cleaning up and un-cluttering storage areas for old books and magazines.

23. Maslow's Final Needs Hierarchy

Younger consumers will be approached in a manner that emphasizes the need to belong to a group of fellow professionals and students and to improve their respective esteem in those groups. With respect to young home professionals, that means being taken seriously as a professional working from home. With respect to students, that means competing successfully for good grades and being at the cutting edge of educational technology. With respect to senior citizens, that means facilitating their efforts to connect with others and to achieve self-actualization in their social world.

24 -- 30. Effect-Check Model


Standard marketing follow-up processes will be used to determine whether each target market absorbed the specific content and context of the marketing communications initiatives directed to them.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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