Essay: Marketing Industry Introduces People

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[. . .] Regarding an individual's influence of personal sensations in buying a certain product, this is relevant in cases of physiological needs or health issues. For example, we are more likely to buy a beverage when we feel thirsty and food when we are hungry, both of the situations being dependent on bodily sensations. Therefore, we need to drink because we feel thirsty but, when we buy a specific beverage, with a clear inclination to favor one over another, then it is a case of wanting. Suppose we would have our lunch in a restaurant or even at work. The marketing industry would seek to benefit from that by advertising on the radio at noon time. Through this, it has created an opportunity of which the customers may become aware. Likewise, medication is usually prescribed by our doctor but there are less severe cases when we look to aspirin, for example, for head aches and the like. Therefore, taking the medicine is something we need to do to relieve the pain and not something we want to do.

The first step to consumer behavior is to acknowledge that a state of things is contradictory to our well being. From plain physiological needs of being either thirsty or hungry to more complex issues, more existential concerns, needs or wants shape our perspective of and over life. We want to be happy but also we need happiness because of the powerful positive emotion that influences the well being of our mental health. But something we need turns into something we want if and when we cannot afford to have what we need. People in some third world countries want clean water because this is a necessity for survival. And our desire is for them to have clean water because we also want them to survive. But when we are unable to fulfill this desire that influences other people's well being it also reflects on our personal state of mind. Therefore, wanting to see those people in full disposal of water facilities is our own psychological need that results from other's social needs.

In some cases, the line between need and want is very thin, like in the situation presented above. It is also complementary but, when addressing consumer behavior from an economic point-of-view, we find that we often want more than we need. We might put that on society's most consumerist behavior than ever before. Either way, wanting doesn't always lead to having which can indeed induce a restless emotion and further affect our situation. When we want something is not always because we need it but because of the idea that purchasing a specific item will complete something in our situation or self. When shops advertise for items on sale, we don't really asses whether we need them but act on a feeling of wanting. In this respect, the marketing industry has managed to induce us a feeling that we might actually need the item on sale and therefore we rush to purchase it. In certain circumstances, we are thus solely responsible for turning our personal desires into needs. Our dissatisfaction does not always come as the result of not having something we need, rather we buy because we feel contentment cam be achieved through different material products.

There are situations when consumer's wants actually determine a positive development in the individual's situation. And, in today's marketing industry, it is necessary more than ever perhaps for businesses to clearly assess people's needs vs. wants. And with marketing industries focusing more on what people want rather than what it is believed people need, this can actually determine a positive economy. However, this is only accomplished so long as people's financial possibilities are able to meet their desires. In certain situations, giving people what they want rather than what they need is more easy and money making. In this respect, creating marketing opportunities is facilitated by directing the focus towards the former. Of course, such a directive should not be completely oblivious to what people need, but it may, economically speaking, enhance a process… [END OF PREVIEW]

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