Marketing Internal Influences on Gateway Plasma Tvs Term Paper

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Internal Influences on Gateway Plasma TVs

This phase of the marketing experience revolves around the perceived impact of various internal influences on consumers as they are convinced to purchase Gateway Plasma Screen Televisions. The report looks at various aspects and marketing approaches such as demographic data such as age or income as well as psychographic data such as personality style or lifestyle and how these affect the marketing of televisions. Our highly technologically advanced world has introduced new sources and opportunities such as direct database marketing, email contact points and the shop on the internet approach to consumerism. Marketing and selling have changed. Consider that blanket advertisement and other traditional advertising techniques such as newspaper and television ads have become too distant as the twenty-first century approach to marketing now entails personalized service. Technology has made it possible to sell directly to specific consumers. Examples like magazine advertisements putting a subscriber's name in an ad of the magazine gives the consumer the impression that the ad was made specifically for him or her. Traditional marketing like the mass media approaches may reach large audiences but those techniques have no true methodology that can qualify recipients. To sell these Gateway Plasma Screen Televisions, the marketing approach will need a way to know and speak directly to potential customers.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Marketing Internal Influences on Gateway Plasma Tvs Assignment

Today, database technology has allowed all aspects of the marketing industry and companies looking to sell products to gather a great deal of information on their customers and potential customers. This database and detailed consumer knowledge has allowed organizations to create models of their perfect buyer. To sell those model consumers on any new or existing product, it is then best to allow those consumers and their peers to talk about the product with each other - word of mouth is what decides if a product is purchased or not. "Word of mouth is the reality that intervenes between your communication and sales." (Silverman, 1997) Databases over time have allowed marketers therefore to have insights into their customers' personality, motivation, attitudes, perceptions and values.

Gateway now has the ability to gather a plethora of demographic information on their consumers as well as gathering the information associated to why those consumers buy Plasma Screen products. This data has also been found to be far more accurate than at any other time in history. Web sites for instance can lure a large number of potential customers to their web pages in order to take online surveys. These surveys provide sellers with so much information that they are often overwhelmed. Consider that consumers have been asked to voluntarily take Personality tests that provide enough data for an organization to use experts in Existential and Humanistic Theories. With that information in hand, marketers can then easily create marketing strategies and approaches that are based on model consumers' authentic, meaningful, and self-directed choices, values and motivations. Organizations around the world now also understand that they can actually control the powers of Word-of-Mouth marketing with this personality information held in their databases. "Buzz is no longer a hit-or-miss proposition used exclusively by fringe marketers. These days, plenty of big players are trying hard to systematize buzz techniques." (Khermouch & Green, 2001)

The odds are pretty good that Gateway Plasma Screen Televisions will be more easily sold by using consumer specific Word-of-Mouth and/or consumer specific marketing techniques as opposed to utilizing other marketing approaches and that includes television and radio advertising. Because Gateway has access to the personality, motivation, attitudes, perceptions and values of their consumers, they no longer have to use the traditional market saturation or catchall marketing materials, events, or salespeople.

Psychographic Information

Companies are very good at using psychographic information to construct profiles of the perfect or target consumers. The approach would be slightly different. In order to create a model for Gateway Plasma Screen Televisions, it is best to completely focus on the lifestyles of consumers rather than the basic demographic information. Surveys online or at store locations, direct mail or email surveys would simply ask questions of existing owners of Gateway Plasma Screen Televisions, potential owners or casual shoppers for their particular life activities, interests and opinions. A second focus of psychographic data may be an approach or questionnaires that asks about or measures consumers' brand interests.

When Gateway or any other company can not gather enough data from their own internal databases, they could easily purchase psychographic data from external organizations specializing in this type of information. Gateway would hire or contract with an organization to better understand past, present and potential consumers buying habits for Plasma TV's. These external services would even provide additional options such as product development, product positioning, advertising effectiveness, and corporate image.

The objective of the psychographic data approach is to utilize the combined expertise in the fields of consumer behavior, psychology, marketing, psychometrics, and personality theory that clearly identify the psychological scales and also predict the lifestyles of consumers.

Learning and Memory Theories

Learning and memory will play a large part in the selling of Gateway Plasma Screen Televisions. Consumers all must learn any and everything that is needed in being a consumer which includes the existence of Gateway Plasma Screen Televisions, their performance, availability, values, preference, and so on. As the marketing manager, it is critical to understand the nature of consumer learning and memory. Learning is usually distinguished as any change in the content or organization of the long-term memory including associated behaviors. Consumers have been said to utilize two basic learning types: conditioning and cognition. Of course, there are two foundation forms of conditioned learning which are classical and operant.

Classical conditioning in regard to marketing is said to refer to the process of using existing relationships between a stimulus and response. This therefore can later be reconditioned as the same response to a different stimulus. In operant conditioning, however, reinforcement is the stimulus. For this type of learning, there is no repeated stimulus-response relationship so consumers would first need to be induced to react in some manner before they are rewarded or a behavior is reinforced. A cognitive approach encompasses associated mental activities within consumers as they resolve problems, cope in complex situations and function in their environment. Thus, to create a brand image for the Gateway Plasma Screen Televisions, Gateway can create a representation of the product in the memory of the consumer's mind through their marketing activities.

Consumer Behavior

Marketing is still all about managing consumer behaviors. The key to successful marketing Gateway Plasma Screen Televisions is to understand the orientations and perspectives of past advertising and sales and reinventing those approaches to incorporate word-of-mouth generating system. "If, for most products, it is the word of mouth that triggers the sales, is it not important to look at what triggers the word of mouth? What if all elements of marketing, such as sales, advertising, direct mail, etc., were not oriented toward directly persuading people to use the product? Instead, what if all your marketing elements were organized around causing people to talk about the product in a way that would get them to use more, and get their friends and colleagues to use more?" (Silverman, 1997)

Consumers have changed advertising and marketing approaches by requiring new tactics and methods of selling and advertising. Marketers like Gateway have begun to use buzz marketing because the approach is affordable and it works. But the true reason is that consumers today need a different style of communication. "In a period of budget chopping, cheap is good. Then there's the rise of the Internet, which means marketers can reach just about anyone in almost any guise they care to assume. Finally, buzz marketing attempts to make each encounter with a consumer look like a unique, serendipitous event. That's appealing to the desired twenty-somethings, who remain skeptical of traditional mass advertising." (Khermouch & Green, 2001)

The Gateway Plasma Screen Televisions today will sell faster and better with approaches like fake shoppers and other buzz techniques that personalize product marketing for consumers. "Buzz marketing, with its heavy dose of theatricality, was honed by Hollywood studios, liquor companies, and other marketers whose products were either outlawed in traditional media or simply had too short a shelf life for a full-blown ad campaign. From Vespa's scooter-riding poseurs to chat-room infiltrators to actors-pretending-to-be-shoppers who erupt into song in the supermarket aisle, the technique's dramatic roots show. But these days, as traditional media fragments and cynicism about advertising grows, even the most blue-chip marketers -- right up to Ford and Procter & Gamble Co. -- are trying their hand at buzz." (Khermouch & Green, 2001)

Price has been found to be less of an issue in successful buzz or word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. In other words, the price can be made almost obsolete as a buying concern. Gateway Plasma Screen Televisions are the Lexus automobile that imply prestige of owning a top of the line product. Consumers will be less concerned with the fact that the TV costs more. Consumers… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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