Marketing Involvement Theory Research Paper

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There might be six resorts in the DR in the evoked set, but a new resort needs to gain exposure to get into the evoked set. It is inert -- the consumer might be willing to go to the resort if he/she knew the resort existed. So to move to the evoked set requires the resort to gain exposure within the context of the existing evoked set. Exposure and selling attributes to differentiate the resort within that broader context is important.

For those in the inept set, the action plan is different. The consumer has rejected the product/service, so the marketer needs to find out why and make a counter argument. The consumer is aware of the product/service, which is a strength, so eliminating the weakness can move a product/service directly from the inept set back to evoked. For example, a consumer might reject a resort in the Dominican Republic because the consumer does not speak Spanish and is presently only considering Hawaii, Florida and Jamaica. The resort in the Dominican Republic can overcome this by communicating to the market that all staff members speak English, as a means of overcoming trepidation about the language barrier. If the resort used to be run down, the marketer can communicate that it has been renovated; if service was spotty in the past the communication can point out that there is new management. Such tactics can reverse a consumer's decision and move a product/service to the evoked set if the argument is convincing.

Perceptual Map

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A perceptual map is a way of graphically displaying a market, reflecting trade-offs that the consumer makes between two attributes. The upper right quadrant and lower left quadrant represent the products/services that tend towards the extremes of the spectrum, and the center of the map reflect products/services with a balance of attributes. The lower right and upper left quadrants are poor positions for a product/service to occupy, striking a poor balance between the key trade-off attributes for the consumer. The example perceptual map shows the trade-offs a consumer might make for a tropical vacation destination.

Research Paper on Marketing Involvement Theory Assignment

This perceptual map shows that the best value beach destination is Florida. There isn't much to it in terms of cultural experience or things to do, but the price is low as well, making it an attractive option. High end destinations like Maldives and Bora give you a lot, but are expensive. These are also competitive. Hawaii has a lot to do, but it is also not as expensive as the foreign options, so offers great value. Rio is bordering on bad value -- it is an expensive destination, saved only by the fact that it is a big city with a lot going on. A smaller South American beach resort might be truly uncompelling given the costs associated with visiting and lacking the big city amenities that save Rio on competitive terms.


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Appendix A: Images of Low Involvement Products (Beers)



",c_limit,q_85,d_no%20image.jpg/beer_647.jpg" (source:, 2014)

Appendix B: Images of Medium-Involvement Products (Smartphones)

Apple iPhone S

HTC Desire

Samsung Galaxy

Sony Experia

Asus Padphone

All phones images belong to their respective brand owners.

Appendix C: High Involvement Purchase Products (Vacations)

Bora Bora

Dominican Republic




Appendix D: Perceptual Map for Tropical Vacation Destinations [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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