Marketing Management: 1980's to Present Term Paper

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The corporations of the 1980's were large contributors to the community and civic organizations. In 1986 charitable contributions amounted to $4.5 billion.

The focus in the 1980's was on the customer. Retails expenditures in 1990 were as follows:

However by the year 2000 the following was reported:

(Adapted from Fleming, Martin, Retailer Report, August 2000)

The decade of the 1980's witnessed the world's garbage piling high needing better management and competition was heating up on a global basis as well. Ecology, previously unspoken in most households, quickly became a new household word.

Reaching the consumer was done through television as the media of the 1980's reported in a survey that the average American was watching thirty or more hours of television each week.

Globalism, spurred on by the expanding marketplace of the 1980's transformed into today's multinational enterprise or international business. Presently the U.S. is involved in several trade blocs and the marketplace itself has transformed. The "High Street" retailer is in vogue not only for the convenience but also for the productive streamlining provided in this type of marketing of consumer goods.

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Spending patterns from 1999 to 2000 was varied with housing and food expenditures rising 2.8%. Spending on food at home rose 3.6% while eating out expenditures were reported at 1.0%. Apparel spending, services, transportation and health care expenditures rose 5.5 to 6.5%. Entertainment reported decreases of 1.5% and personal insurance and pensions expenditures reported a decrease of 2.1%.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Marketing Management: 1980's to Present Assignment

With the cold war behind and the Iraq war on the forefront consumer spending is unpredictable. During the 2004 election year the high-technology market is feeling the squeeze. High -- technology spending is reported to have dropped drastically in the year 2004. Competition is fierce on the global market with many of the third world countries beginning to compete fiercely, most noticeably the Latin-American countries of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, the four member nations of the trading bloc for free trade in that area.


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FMCG 44%

Diverse 13%

Furniture 9%

Men's wear 6%

Shoeware 4%

Pharmaceutical 8%

Jewlery 5%

Appliances 1%

Ladies wear 10%

Furniture 9%… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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