Marketing Management Marketing Mix Product Marketing Plan

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The online or the soft versions will be sent to the specific organizers who respond to our mails and ask for further clarification. The hard copies will be passed on to the individual organizers who will be visited in the process of marketing the summer camp insurance policy.

The rationale for using this brochure method in creating interest is that the brochure will be more interactive and explain the breakdown of the details of the several covers that are available for summer camps, they give the reader a better understanding as opposed to the general advertisements that are carried on the website and on the social media pages.


The goal of creating desire is to get the potential clients to make that first step of commitment to buying the policy, here one needs to have the customer get attached to the product. Here the client will be made aware that they can have better deal and greater peace with Redwoods if they choose to use our summer camp package.

Marketing efforts; at this stage, there shall have been a clear indication of which clients have the interest and hence to help them get attached to this package and see why they need this product, the use of follow up emails and phone calls giving further explanations and cases of people or institutions that have benefited from rosewood will be the best media of communication. The potential clients will also be sent a list of prominent institutions that are covered by Rosewoods.


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This will aim at the step taken by the client to make commitment to Redwoods by making a down payment for this summer camp insurance package. The client needs to know that subscribing for this insurance is the best security that he has chosen to the children who will be traveling to the camps and also the peace of the organization.

Marketing Plan on Marketing Management Marketing Mix Product Assignment

Marketing efforts; here the one on ne talk with one of the sales representatives will be very significant. This gives the organization that physical presence at the time when the makes the biggest and most significant step. This will also give the company a good name as it will be seen as responsible and reliable and close to the customer as opposed to the distant phone call. At this stage, the sales representative will give the client a few examples that have been handled by Redwoods successfully.


This is the last step in AIDA+ and most important for the future expansion of this promotion and also to gauge the success of the campaign. The client needs to be told and reassured that their opinions are significant and are valued by the organization.

Marketing effort; here, the response section on the website of Redwoods will come in handy, the social media interaction will also be useful in ensuring the clients feel that they are being listened to, their complains as well as appreciations are taken into account.

The filling in of the visitors' reply section and the collection of comments and responses on the tweeter and facebook pages that will be created will as well act as a way of getting the rate of effectiveness of this new approach to insurance among the clients.

Promotion Budget & Implementation Calendar

The following is the projected budget for the first one year for this campaign that will ensure the summer camp insurance cover is well marketed especially making the special feature known to the clients.

Total marketing expenditure for year I


Total spend ($)

Projected income

Website and Search Engine Marketing



Events at the camp sites



Networking groups



Social media









Promotional products


Timeline for the implementation of the marketing plan in a Gantt chart










Outlay of activities

Market research

Overall online recruitment

Project planning

Detailed website design


Monitoring and evaluation

Possible Adjustments


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