Marketing Milka and Ferrero Rocher Life Term Paper

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Milka and Ferrero Rocher

Life is like a box of chocolates -- you never know what you're going to get."

Forest Gump in "Forest Gump" (1994) ( This line is perhaps one of the most well-known quotes about chocolate. It has become famous due to its being uttered in the movie "Forest Gump," by the main character, as an innovative metaphor, creatively suggesting that life is unique having unexpected turns, for each and everyone of us.

Nowadays, however, chocolate producers everywhere are trying their best to let their customers know exactly what they shall get from their box of chocolates. That is why significant amounts of money are being continuously invested in the marketing of the products, thus ensuring the creation of a different, unique identity for many of them.

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Though this multibillion dollar industry has thousands of different products to offer, this essay shall focus on only two of them: Milka Chocolate and Ferrero Rocher. Both Milka and Ferrero are products created by international companies which have excelled in producing highly superior chocolate for over a century; Milka is produced by Suchard, a Swiss company and Ferrero Rocher by Ferrero, an Italian one. But the similarities between the two brands end there, mainly because they have chosen two very different market segments. They have both carefully crafted unique images, Milka as one of the best chocolates for children and young people having milk as one of its main ingredients, Ferrero Rocher presenting itself as the embodiment of refined almost, elitist-like chocolate, suited only for celebrations or special occasions. But how did they come about to gaining such identities?

TOPIC: Term Paper on Marketing Milka and Ferrero Rocher Life Is Assignment

The answer may lay in Milton Zelman's quote (publisher of Chocolate News) who stated that: "Giving chocolate to others is an intimate form of communication, a sharing of deep, dark secrets" ( this quote may be exactly what the marketing teams at both companies have had in mind, the creation of an intimate communication with their customers.

It shall further be presented in the essay the manner in which each of the companies has chosen to promote their products.

Philippe Suchard is the Swiss who in 1824 first founded the Suchard Company and successfully produced this exquisite chocolate. However, it was not until the year 1890 that the milk was added into the chocolate's recipe, thus creating for the very first time Suchard's milk-chocolate. It took 11 more years, until 1901 for the brand Milka to be born. The very first paper used to wrap Milka in was purple presenting a picturesque image of the Alps, with a cow, having a bell around her neck, in the foreground. The name "Milka" has actually been created by using the two German words Milch (milk) and Kakao (Cocoa). Nowadays, Milka has the world-renowned package presenting the purple one of kind Milka cow, with the Alps in the background.

It is said that a cow was chosen to promote the brand as it embodies better than any other animal the origin of the Milka brand. It suites perfectly the promotional message that the brand has adopted: "In the Alps the air is cleaner, the water is purer and the grass is greener. That is why our cows have the best milk. And from the best milk only the best, finest chocolate can be made." (

Since the 90's the Milka cow has become one of the most successful ambassadors for this chocolate. Nothing can prove thid better than the fact that during a contest having as main purpose the drawing of a cow, one of three children chose the colour purple for his or hers picture.The contest took place in Bavaria and it had 40,000 participants.

It seems that consumers see the Purple Cow as "a true symbol of quality, a very likable, believable and kind character," that has gained fans all around the world. (

Recently a few other cartoon-like characters have started to appear in Milka television advertisements such as bears and marmots. The advertisements are entertaining, having a short story line, presenting the way a particular type of Milka chocolate is being made by the hard-working funny animals. The advertisement, though evidently targeting children is none the less attractive to young people as well, due to its vivid colours, animated characters, lively music and care-free atmosphere. Being set in the Alps it also suggests the using of fresh, natural, unspoiled ingredients, emphasising again that children shall benefit from it not only due to its delicious taste, but also because of its healthy composition. I believe that Milka advertisements are an example of very good marketing skills and of truly knowing and understanding one's clients and their needs.

Milka does not only use television advertisements to present its products. In recent years, the company has begun to promote itself at various skiing events, in countries all around Europe. Using real-size plastic purple cows set waiting for tourists as they reach their mountain cabins, or indicators to show the way those skiing on new sledges. This kind of marketing has been especially successful with young people, suggesting that Milka encourages exercise and out-door activities that keep one healthy, fit and young.

Whether it communicates with its customers through television advertisements, the actual package showing the purple cow-their trademark- or through promoting various sports activities, the Milka brand always manages to reach its target market and convey the right message. It is indeed one of the best milk-chocolates being produced today, and due to its innovative and entertaining way of promoting it, due to the fun animated advertisements it is much more appealing than any other type of chocolate. This may be because it has successfully avoided being trapped in producing typical "chocolate commercials" that do nothing more than show two or three people eating and sharing a chocolate bar. While such commercials usually only have one or two lines, trying to sell a certain flavour or a certain taste, Milka sells a particular, unique experience, it gives its chocolate a story and its consumers the promised experience.

It is said that the colour purple is usually associated with dreams and desires, so why not let ourselves dream and believe that we are indeed eating a chocolate produced in the very heart of the Alps by a team of marmots and a bear, using the best milk there is, given by a lovable purple cow?

The second brand analysed in this essay also invites us to enter a dream world, but quite a different one from Milka's, the dream world of the rich and famous. Here is Rocher's story.

Rocher Chocolates do not have such a long history as Milka does. The Rocher chocolate was first produced in the year 1940, when the Italian Piettro Ferrero not approving of the fact that chocolate was being purchased and consumed only on special days, decided to produce a type of chocolate that could be bought and sold at any given time. Also, he wanted to sell an affordable type of chocolate, and to this day the owners of Ferrero Rocher insist that they offer premium quality at accessible prices.

According to their USA Website:"Rocher Chocolates are a tempting combination of luscious, creamy, chocolatry filling, surrounding a whole hazelnut, within a delicate crisp wafer...all eneveloped in milk chocolate and finely choped hazelnuts" (

Although that description is highly accurate and the chocolate has an exqusite taste, that is only one of the reasons why they have become so popular.

The other one is the packaging itself, which has become their trademark.

Ironically, eventhough the founder of the company wished for affordable chocolates, fit for every occassion, nowadays, Rocher is a type of chocolate synonimous with elegance, prestige and special occassions. Each of the chocolate spheres in a Rocher box are wrapped up in golden lair of papaer, having the Ferrero Rocher brand printed on it. Their packaging is quite unique and it does give them the competitive advantage needed to be at the top of high-quality chocolates. In Hong Kong, for example, Ferrero Rocher is a popular gift during the holidays, and even more so during the Chinese New Year. This may be because the golden packaging is associated with good fortune and wealth, in Chinese culture. (

The idea of wealth and softistication is what the marketing team of Rocher has tried to portray in the commercials promoted. One of the advertisements featured the beautiful and talented actress Juliette Binoche wandering the streets of Paris offering a Rocher chocolate to the people whom she met, thus bringing a smile upon their faces. The commercial was done in a professional manner, and though it was not particularly distinctive or innovative, the mere fact of having featured Juliette Binoche gave it the edge it needed.

Surprisingly, while some of the advertisements they used during the years were successful and appreciated as the one described above, others had quite an opposite effect. Such an example may be the television advertisement used to introduce the brand Rocher to the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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