Marketing Mix: Promotion Strategies Essay

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In terms of the four Ps of the marketing mix, Pepsi prices its items based on the amount and size. Prices of this company have been easily accepted by the public population. This increases the product's demand. Pepsi is a pro-at its promotion tactic (Smith & Taylor, 2009).

Pepsi has been doing promotion since its inception. The company does this in an effective and efficient manner to attract new customers while retaining existing customers. The promotion of Pepsi is composed of radio, television, billboards, internet, global events like World Cup and pamphlets (Palmer, 2012). As among the leading beverage company, Pepsi is easily available and accessible across the world. Obviously, Pepsi can be found everywhere because of the increasing demand for its products. The company has always established effective, and attraction strategies to attract its target market; packaging in football events with Pepsi products.

US Airways is a multinational corporation providing service items, flights in various destinations, within the transport sector. U.S. Airways marketing strategy entail quality of flights, flight services, executive class, various worldwide destinations, security, and years of experience, support facilities, and speed. As a brand, U.S. Airways provides comfortable and efficient transport to customers. In terms of product development, company is positioning in selecting the most appropriate strategy, has been recognized to be a strategic factor (Wensveen, 2011).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Marketing Mix: Promotion Strategies for Assignment

US Airways has been positioning itself as a high quality, high standard airline, and the leader in the category market. The company tries to fulfill all the diverse customer expectations and needs from the first class, economy class and business by offering various services (Palmer, 2012). U.S. Airways prides in the on-board menu, in terms wines, and foods and different lounges for first class clients contrary to its economy class. It provides business class seats, gold and silver cards for frequent customers and an executive lounge in all main airports. In addition, it offers customers with free drinks and food flights with exceptional service. The company has a unique two-in-flight magazine various radio channels, a collection of movies and TV programs for entertainment (Wensveen, 2011). It also flies the most convenient and busiest lines and airports from almost every country across the worldwide destinations.

US Airways has expanded its marketing by introducing effective pricing strategies, which cater for across the board clients. Price refers to the value put on the items exchanged in the process of marketing. Customers pay money to receive utility or satisfaction (Baines Fill & Page, 2013). Some neoclassical experts argued that utility is the bi-product of any economic activity. Therefore, U.S. Airways understands that it must set its prices in such a way, which encourages clients to perceive value of their belief in terms of money they have spent. The company sets prices based on the value offered and perceived by customers.

If prices exceed the perceived customer value, the U.S. Airways will lose potential clients and profits. On the contrary, if prices are lower than the perceived customer value, then it will be impossible for U.S. Airways to harvest potential benefits. The company has set up different prices factoring in the diverse customer needs. They include the middle class, the executive class, and the economy class. Additionally, U.S. Airways uses promotional pricing on flights going to specified destinations, as well as on special occasions like the Christmas season. For instance, the company has set low fares for local destinations (Wensveen, 2011).


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