Marketing Models Review Research Paper

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Product decisions that touch on branding and packaging are very important from the promotional perspective because the name of a brand and how it is packaged communicates a product's attributes. A brand name that communicates a product's attributes and meaning should be chosen to create and maintain brand equity (Handlin, 2014). A product with brand equity is considered to be having an added value. It also enjoys goodwill of the customers. Despite the fact that the role packaging has changed due to the springing up of self-service stores, packaging can still create new opportunities existing products. The pricing decisions must take into consideration factors like costs, demand, competition, and perceived value. Other issues that have to be thoughtfully evaluated are distribution channel decisions and development of promotional strategies.

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Research Paper on Marketing Models Review of Marketing Assignment

As a marketing expert I find it quite difficult to implement the bit that touches on developing the marketing program. I appreciate how important branding and packaging is important when it comes to making product decisions. Despite the fact that our product is in a mature stage of the product life cycle, it is yet to acquire brand equity. Another aspect of product decisions, packaging, appears not work in my favor because the product we are dealing in emphasizes self-service. The product is sold in stores where every customer does the self-service. So, the packaging bit does not simply apply. I have no problems with factors prioritized in price decisions like costs, demand, competition, and perceived value. However, my main challenge lies in distribution channel decisions. I gave much credence to the use of the internet to make the product available to the customers because of the demonstrable impact it had on a number of companies distribution system. This unfortunately never worked in our organization's favor. Unfortunately, I did not give much attention to the need for developing promotional programs for the trade and resellers to encourage them to stock and promote our product. This also grossly interfered with the development of promotional strategies. The push strategy was not used to persuade the trade to stock, merchandise and promote our products by aggressively selling and promoting to our resellers. In fact, we never engaged the services of sales representatives because of heavy reliance on the internet.

Centralized or decentralized marketing set-up

I prefer decentralized set up in marketing organizations because it gives marketers the opportunity to be creative and to adapt quickly to changing market needs as opposed to the centralized set up where there is no flexibility because the top level management decides on the marketing programs and budget. A lot of time is then lost in administering rather marketing. In decentralized set ups, front line managers are closer to customers. In this way they get to know the how to personalize while keeping the key messages the same (Foong, 2011).

Another reason why I like decentralized marketing is because the operation of the department is determined by each of the individual constituent divisions within the department itself. This enables different professionals within the marketing firm to make decisions that are independent of other departments like it would be easy to find public relations specialists making decisions independent of the website or e-commerce divisions. This shows the level of autonomy that is practiced in the decentralized marketing firms. This does not imply that one can do as he or she wishes because ones decisions can still be subject to approval from the marketing and operations managers. Decentralization encourages employees to freely think and make use of creative solutions especially in departments which do not practice centralized control. Free thinking and use of creative solutions comes in because managers hardly micromanage. The managers focus on important managerial tasks. Lower level managers subsequently obtain more vital experience. They also get the opportunity to showcase their talents as opposed to being controlled by the upper level management in virtually all decisions (Lewis, 2014).


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