Marketing Plan: AB City Services Group Branding Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan: AB City Services Group

Branding Strategy

Defining the brand idea

The strategy begins with the carrying out of a situation analysis, which will lead to the group identifying the opportunities the brand can take advantage of, but the brand idea, which will denote what the brand will stand for must be clearly defined. Towards achieving this aim, there is no fixed rule. It takes the right kind of talented individuals, creativity, research and clarity to arrive at a proper solution. What ABC Service Group has in its favor is that its operations are clearly differentiated from those of competitors and they address the needs of the target market. It is of paramount importance that the audience is made aware of why they should choose AB Services over all the others. Without differentiation, there is no incentive for the customer to choose one brand over another. The slightest difference can mean a lot to a consumer ("Landor Associates," 2010.).

Defining the brand architecture

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Doing this requires that the company establish a clear relationship and structure among the portfolio's brands. this is all about having City Services Group decide the right face to show to the market and choose the angle it will approach the market with, fundamentally. A monobrand strategy will be used. This strategy is also referred to as "branded house" and involves one brand being applied for all services offered by the company. All the services in real estate that will be provided by the company shall be under the City Services Group brand. City Services Group will however need to understand the role the brand is to play in all this and watch carefully how the consumers react as they stretch the brand name to all the other services ("Landor Associates," 2010; O'Brien, 2014).

Defining the brand personality

Marketing Plan on Marketing Plan: AB City Services Group Branding Assignment

Given the fact that benefits and attributes are not unique and cannot last for a long time to justify building a brand based on them, a definition of the brand's personality and expressing it well across the board is the better option. City Services Group brand is to be grounded on stories of professionalism, cost effectiveness and high quality (AB City Services, 2015; Landor Associates, 2010).

Brand experience for the company will involve coming up with a verbal identity, the visual and sensory identities and then testing these identities.


When coming up with a totally new brand, a new name is required. Rebranding, however, does not need a new name. The name should ideally encapsulate the brand idea and the goals of the company. It should meet the following criteria:

Be easily pronounceable in all languages

Be easy to remember (helps if it is brief)

Give people a clue what the business does

Not restrict the business to one sector and so allow diversification

Avoid bad or negative connotations in any of the languages (Landor Associates, 2010; Balmer, Stuart & Greyser, 2009).

Brands are increasingly serving as cultural resources for the construction, expression, and reinforcement of attitudes toward self. Nonetheless, consumers not having any strong connections to a brand do not have any vested interests in it or what it symbolizes. Even with perceptions of in authenticity of brand extensions, they are not as likely to pass judgment as the other people who are in some way attached to the brand as far as authenticity is concerned. The name of the brand, City Services, will be made use of even in new offers of the group for instance the tenant and property management services (Spiggle, Nguyen, & Caravella, 2012; AB City Service, 2015).

Logo: People always revere something in a logo, particularly because it is often the first thing that pops up in the mind when one is thinking about a brand. The logo is the shorthand for what meanings people attach to any brand, even though it may not be the only symbol. Just like a name does, the logo can communicate certain company aspects well and do very poorly in communicating other aspects. Nonetheless, the significance of a logo is not given the respect it deserves ("Landor Associates," 2010; O'Brien, 2014).

Tracking the strength of the brand: the strength of the brand will be tracked following the launch. The brand will be allowed to run for some time then its performance in the market will be evaluated. Tools like Valuator (BAV) and Brand Asset can be used (Landor Associates, 2010).

Measuring the Value of the Brand

People always want to know the value of a brand. This is a representation of the brand's value as an asset that is intangible. However, there is no specific way to value brands financially. Several approaches can be taken to get the approximate value, though. The numbers arising can fall in either of 2 categories widely used: "brand valuations" or "brand rankings" ("Landor Associates," 2010; O'Brien, 2014).

As soon as the brand gains traction, the company will embark on other efforts like market surveys so that changes in attitudes towards the company and awareness are also evaluated (O'Brien, 2014)..

Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search Engine Optimization is all about optimizing websites and web pages to rank high in the search engines for the targeted search terms. SEO takes the creation of relevant and user focused content to be indexed by the search engines and served to the customers when they perform a search (Stokes, 2014; AB City Service, 2015).

Search Advertising:

Search Advertising is a pay-per-click (PPC) mode of advertising and the company will bid for its offers to appear on search results and will only pay when a person clicks on the ads (Stokes, 2014a)

Social Media:

Social media is consumer driven and generated. It allows connection and a way that traditional media cannot and it has completely changed the course of marketing (Stokes, 2014a).

Affiliate Marketing:

This type of campaigning is structured in such a way that a marketer is rewarded a percentage of the sales generated by referrals from his/her marketing campaigns (Stokes, 2014a).



Search advertising

Social media

Affiliate marketing

Shall go on for 4 months

Shall go on for 4 months

At least 3 posts shall be posted every week on an ongoing basis

Ongoing with long-term click back links


SEO plays a key role in customer acquisition and it will make sure that the offers by the company are shown in the search engines for the potential customers of the company to see them. It helps if the offers are among the first to be presented by the search engine as research shows that the first few results get the most clicks.

Search advertising is engineered around keywords. The company will have to figure out the most likely keywords that customers are likely to put into the search engines when looking for services similar to those it offers. This takes what is known as keyword research and the search engines and various companies offer various tools to help in the process.

Online affiliate marketing, on the other hand, is popular in the promotion of eCommerce sites and the people making the referrals are paid for every conversion achieved. The conversion goals depend on the goals of the company and can include a purchase, an e-mail opt-in, a click, etc. Social media has proven itself to be quite useful in crafting brand messages that reach the masses cost effectively and also in creating awareness while having the customer involved in the process.

Positioning Statement

"Superior services for less." The company will offer its clients the best services at prices lower than those offered by the competitors.

Perceptual map

Reason for brand identify tools

The goal of any marketing strategy is addressing a brand or business objective or challenge revealed to the market. Coining a good strategy takes making informed decisions… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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