Marketing Plan for Blueprint Cleanse Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan for Blueprint Cleanse

Marketing Plan

BluePrint is a juice company that has made a huge hit in sale of juices and nut bars. The company sells organic juice from different fruits and also offers juice mixes for their consumers. Apart from encouraging consumers to see through the juice detox program, the company is also determined to change how people see juices. This is achieved by encouraging consumers to meet the daily detox program requirements which increases sales for their juices. The company was started a few years ago while the founders felt that though there were many juice bars all over different towns in the country, they were insufficient for market needs. The founders felt that organic foods was catching up and to go with this trend, they began offering organic juices.

The company's goal is to provide consumers with organic juices through a detox program that helps them set and achieve goals based on individual needs. The company also aims at making individuals follow a healthy lifestyle through organic juices. Organic foods are also extremely expensive. The company thus aims at bringing the organic lifestyle at the reach of more individuals and to make it easy to adapt an organic lifestyle.

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Their produce is 100% organic juice that is fresh. Their juices are unprocessed and no preservatives are added. They are also not frozen giving absolute freshness to their customers. The company begins their customers on a 7-day juice detox plan. This plan requires consumers to take 6 juices a day for 7 days. These six juices are dependent on the detox plan for the individual. The individual is encouraged to stick to their detox plan in order to achieve the desired goals.

Situational environs

TOPIC: Marketing Plan on Marketing Plan for Blueprint Cleanse Assignment

BluePrint's juice products have experienced huge demand. In the year 2012, the company sold over $20 million in organic juices and nut bars. These huge sales figures show the potential to the company and the high demand for BluePrint's juices in the market. The company sells its products through their stores located inside Whole Foods. It is also possible to purchase products through the company's website and get delivery anywhere in the country. The individual person is the consumer of BluePrint's products. However, a person may gift another with a juice detox program.

Customers can order since juice bottles, one day programs (6 bottles), or 7 days program (6 bottles per day) through the company's physical stores or online. The plan is for the products to be distributed using the two channels since they have proven to be effective in increasing sales volumes for the company's products. Seasonal trends are expected to impact BluePrint's sales volumes. BluePrint's juices are consumed all year round. However, sales grow in the summer when more people have time to focus on detox programs. During the summer, more people are also able to take cold drinks with ease because of the relatively hotter temperatures.

There are no major regulations impacting the juice industry. They, however, are required to meet manufacturing standards for other food companies such as hygienic manufacturing environments, specifying ingredients on the bottle and dietary information. The company meets all these regulations and standards. They have the ingredients written in large letters on the front of the bottle and the juice is produced in controlled and clean environments. There is no regulation on advertising, exportation and importation in the juice industry. However, BluePrint sources all their juice products locally from organic farmers.

Market analysis

The juices industry as a whole is a $5 billion industry with projected growth of between 4 and 8% each year. Though BluePrint still has a long way to get considerable market share, the company is operating in a huge industry with growth potential. Experts suggest that market growth will remain at this rate for the next five years and it should extend to $10 billion within 10 years. The market leaders are Clean Program, Life Juice and Master Cleanse. Clean Cleanse is also a major player in the industry.

The organic juices market is a segment of the fresh fruit juices market which has other segments such as juice concentrates, confectioneries and processed juice segments. The other segments are much larger than the organic juices segment. However, the organic juices segment is growing faster than the other segments which are growing at 2% per annum.

The company targets both men and women. However, women are the major target market for the company. This is because women are more conscious about their diets, health, and lifestyle. In terms of age, the company's major segment is the young adults who embrace change easily and who are the most cautious and trend towards organic foods. The persons living in urban centers or cities in the United States and Canada are the major geographic market for BluePrint's juice products.

In terms of ethnics, the company's major consumers are Caucasians and Indians who have embraced the concept of organic foods more than other ethnicities. Women form the major consumers of BluePrint's juice products because they are more cautious about their weight and diet.


The best known competitors of BluePrint's organic juices are companies such as Clean Program, Life Juice, Clean Cleanse, and Master Cleanse. All competitors have unique strengths and weaknesses. Clean Program has strength in cost leadership. The company has the cheapest prices of the other players in the market. In this slowly recovering economy, low prices are of extreme importance. Clean Program is a larger company and is able to purchase in larger quantities thus achieving economies of scale in marketing and production of their products. Clean Program also has the advantage of being in the industry longest which means they have a wealth of experience.

One weakness of Master Cleanse is that the company has limited supply of organic produce. This is because the company's secured distribution channels have been affected by other competitors in the juice industry. Though Master Cleanse has considerable market share and strategic locations, their mass penetration in the industry is limited by their production levels of their organic juices. Sustainability of production is an important consideration for all players in the industry.

Life Juice, Clean Cleanse and Master Cleanse have the weakness of lack of diversification. These companies have not embraced other growth opportunities in the organic juices industry such as cold pressing of juices. Diversification is of extreme importance in the organic juices industry since it helps companies gain strong market share in a growing market.

Marketing strategy

Product mix

BluePrint provides products for the cleanse market. This is what the company refers to as organic juice detox programs. These are 7-day programs for consumers to follow to achieve the goals of the program. The company also has other cleanse programs such as the 3-day cleansing program and the bridal bliss cleanse of 6 to 36 days for brides before their wedding. The company has also recently diversified to enter the cold-pressed single-serving market. This enables the company to sell more products to consumers who are not able to purchase 7-day programs, who are not determined to meet the goals of the 7-days programs, or those who have completed the 7-day program but still want to gain the advantages of drinking organic juice.


The company's cleansing programs are priced as packages that range from $65 for the one day cleanse, $295 for the 3-day cleanse, and $1,200 for the 36-days bridal package. Single servings of one bottle of the organic juice cost $9.99 to $11.99. The company's bundled-packaging of products is done to boost sales by increasing sales volumes. The company will use a cost-plus pricing strategy where the company calculates the cost of product then adds a percentage for profits to give the selling price Ferrell & Hartline, 2010.

This strategy is effective because the organic fruit juice industry is a premium industry and therefore this strategy would work efficiently. In newer markets, a penetration pricing strategy will be used to drive more sales and get more people to try out the company's juice products Ingenbleek, Marion, Frambach, & Verhallen, 2003()


BluePrint stores are located inside Whole Foods Market and other grocers. This is a win-win for both companies because BluePrint benefits from the numerous consumers of organic foods who visit Whole Foods Market while Whole Foods Market benefits from increased sales as a result of more customers flocking to BluePrint. This placing is strategic and by looking for other grocers with who BluePrint can have this mutual relationships, BluePrint can grow considerably.

Display, advertising, and promotion

BluePrint cleanse markets its products through different channels. First is through Social Media and direct marketing through email. These two channels enable BluePrint to reach a large target market with relatively low marketing and advertising costs. BluePrint also advertises in health magazines and other magazines that are preferred by their target audience. These include Women's Health, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. BluePrint's products are clearly marked and labeled in large letters. This also serves as an… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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