Marketing Plan for Brocade Comm's Mlxe Switch Router Marketing Plan

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Brocade MLX Routers

Marketing Plan

Brocade MLX Routers: Advertising

Marketing Plan

The high-speed routers have become the need of a common person in an era where high-speed internet connections are required to fulfill the high-scale objectives of large enterprises. Nowadays, extreme competition has emerged in the market for all types of network-based equipment. Multinationals are continuously upgrading their products to ensure market survival. Every now and then, there is a launch of an upgraded version of networking equipment. One of the most common equipments in the present network market is the router. Its function is to select the appropriate path to transfer data packages between different networks. Due to continuous up-gradation in the internet speed worldwide, companies are ensuring that they develop and manufacture the best of routers to ensure strong connections. Brocade MIX series routers are a part of this development. Most of the Internet Service Providers and transit networks rely on these routers to ensure that they meet high-level traffic requirements (Brocade, nod.).

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Since Brocade MLX series is a technological product with innovative features, effective advertisement is essential. The reason is that the firm not only needs the required objective of persuading customers to buy their routers, but also it needs to familiarize and demonstrate their product to the potential customers. With the technology being updated every day and the variety of networking products available in the market, efficient advertising is an essential pillar in the success of Brocade MLX router series.

Advertising Strategy and Marketing Goals

TOPIC: Marketing Plan on Marketing Plan for Brocade Comm's Mlxe Switch Router Assignment

Advertising at times, is not considered very important for technical products like wireless internet routers. The reason behind this is perhaps these are more product -- oriented commodities and therefore firms believe that it is their real technology that people are willing to pay for and not the "image." However, the fact remains that in the contemporary world where a new technology enters the market every now and then, the internet router market is as much competitive as any other fast moving consumer good. This is why effective advertising is as much necessary for internet routers as any other product. With so many routers out there in the market, consumers have a lot of choice. As a matter of fact, most consumers are not very technology savvy and they are just concerned with getting connected to the internet (List Building Toolkit, 2010). Under such circumstances, a company cannot afford to depend only on its product's technology, no matter how unique it is -- effective advertising is need for the day.

Since the product is technology driven, the advertising campaign for MLX routers has to be both persuasive and informative. In order to capture the attention of potential customers, the ad campaign has to be visual, mainly television based. The advertisement must highlight the fact that what makes Brocade MLX routers stand out in the market from its competitor routers. As part of an initial launch, some buying incentive can be given so that it provokes the customer to opt for the product over its rivals. These incentives may include complementary gifts, discounts on purchase of other Brocade products, Brocade membership, discounts in router installation fee and extended warranty or guarantee of the router.

The advertisement's focus should be on the unique selling point of the MLX router. In this case it should focus on Brocade's latest high-end technology, cost efficiency, operational reliability and high speed of the internet router. It should highlight the fact that how the Brocade MLX routers are more reliable than other networking products available in the market. For this reason, the advertisement needs to be demonstrative and that makes television the ideal medium. Animations and sci-fi special effects can be used to highlight the advanced technology of the router.

While television remains the best medium for the products promotion, other important mediums like magazines and newspapers and the internet itself should not be ignored to make sure that all potential consumers are reached effectively. Advertisements can be published in technology and science magazines and magazines that target young potential internet users such as teenagers; on the electronic media, teenage channels, music channels, science and educational channels, and in some cases news channels, which have wide viewership. When selecting what television… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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