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[. . .] Instead, offering a custom free 'consultation,' blending an analysis of the right color shades and scents for the customer would be offered with all Beautiful! starter kits. Promotional strategies would encompass traditional venues, such as women's magazines, along with new media such as Internet sales at strategically-located websites that tend to be populated by higher-end consumers. Using mailing lists of customers that enjoy customized shopping experiences at department stores or who are on Estee Lauder's lists of frequent purchasers (based upon their patronization of stores where information from the customer at points of sale) would also be effective.

Place (Distribution)

Customized shades would be offered at free-standing stores, in department stores, and also online. Online venues would give information about the new product to users in print; brick-and-mortar venues would use salesperson. At present, department stores such as Macy's are being trafficked less frequently, while Estee Lauder's sales in free-standing stores are expanding. This suggests an emphasis on promoting the product through venues exclusive to the makeup brand -- online and in Estee Lauder specialty stores.

However, makeup purchased online would not be able to offer a free personalized consultation to users. This means that a more traditional 'free gift bag' of additional products may have to be used as an incentive to encourage online shoppers to buy the product.


Although the luxury market as a whole is thriving within the U.S., Estee Lauder must still continue to differentiate itself from its competitors (Textbook 20). Customized makeup would give luxury customers a unique, added sensory pleasure to enjoy while purchasing makeup. This would give Estee Lauder a competitive edge over other brands, such as Chanel, within the luxury makeup market. Scented body washes and body products are now common to all makeup lines. Consumers like the more subtle scents for everyday wear. For customers who may deny themselves the pleasures of indulgent foods, aromatic scents are often a replacement, given the vibrancy of vanilla, chocolate, and other intoxicating odors. The Beautiful! Line would provide all of these pleasures -- and more -- to the customer, offering customization, scent, and a unique yet elegant product.


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