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( Some restaurants celebrate seasons with their special meals. Asparagus is one of the first spring vegetables available in New Jersey. Normally, it is a difficult vegetable to combine in a full meal with wine and the lot. At the same time people love the vegetable. Restaurant owner cum chef of Restaurant Serenade stuck to a menu with a lot of asparagus for the month of April. This was actually a sort of a theme dinner with the theme being asparagus and the chef had tried out other theme dinners in the past. "Asparagus is very popular," the owner said. "It's the world's perfect vegetable. I don't know anyone who doesn't like asparagus." The top of the season was on April 15th which provided an all asparagus dinner. The price of the dinner was fixed in advance at $120 per person and consisted of an asparagus soup, a spring roll, and baby lamb stuffed with asparagus, a salad with asparagus, and an asparagus cake. Crisp young and fresh wines accompanied the dinner. The attendance was 85% of the capacity, and apparently the diners liked the food. (

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This is an ordinary restaurant with an ordinary condition. But, they decided to set up a special meal to attract special customers and promote the restaurant. The promotion was not a massive exercise with all America promotions and advertising with the built in costs. It had to get enough customers to fill their seats. Most of the time, it will be only their regular customers who will come. If the announcement is made well in time, and the event is promoted locally, the attendance will be enough. At the same time, the promotions like this will give an element of image to the restaurant. These promotions will give the restaurant an image it cannot otherwise get. These promotions will fill up the seats when they are otherwise difficult to fill. The success of such campaigns will make the restaurant staff get a feeling of self-satisfaction. After the attacks of September11, marketing had to play a great role in bringing people back to sub-way restaurants, to instill in them the confidence because of the fear caused by the attacks. (

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Some old and established restaurants used their age to develop promotions. Jax Cafe in Minneapolis is a 70-year-old restaurant and it wanted to convince its customers of their long-term association with the restaurant and thus build brand loyalty. To do this, it printed a menu card with the prices of 1933 on the card. This was not for regular usage on al tables, but meant only for a specially selected table. The operation had gone on from April 2002 through November 2002, and a table was selected each night by the Jax staff every night where the special menu prices were to be applied. The menu was a copy from the real menu of 1933, 1939 or 1954. This was not available during the peak days of Friday and Saturday. The people lucky enough to be allocated seats at that table could order items at a steep discount - like a shrimp cocktail, oysters or a Martini for 25 cents each.

That menu sold the highest priced Porterhouse steak at $4 each, which was the price in 1954. The menu is only a part of the total package. The full lot of black and green dinner menus has been replaced, as also the lunch menus. This menu is in the form of a special edition. The menu also shows the traditional items available in Jax in photographs like original bar receipts, old matchbooks, members of the founding family and long time employees. This is also reflected in the Jax Memoirs which is a newsletter for the restaurant printed in the style of a magazine. This also is talking about the history of the restaurant and the promotions carried out by the restaurant at various times. This scheme was carried further by fixing July 27th as the 70th Anniversary Wedding Night. This could be attended by anybody who had fixed a groom's dinner or Wedding party at Jax after the inauguration of the restaurant in 1933. This will have a complimentary wedding cake for the couple and will be followed by champagne.

A local judge will be available on hand to renew the vows that had been taken by the couple. There was also a cabaret night on October 10th. This was called a Billie Holiday Tribute. The entire promotion was to end with a Grand Anniversary Celebration in the middle of November. ( Todayage is viewed as a disqualification and this is supposed to be the age of the young. People still love their old favorites, at least some do. Remember what happened in 1985 when the company sought to replace coke with a brand new formulation called New Coke. The customers rebelled and after some time, old Coke had to be brought back as Classic Coke. It is this variety of Coke that still sells in the United States. With restaurants also people have images of their life. How many of us can forget the restaurant where we courted, or went for the first time as a family? These are the part of our lives.

The old people may not be going out so much, but when they do go out, they may still prefer to go to those places with which they still have images. Even when people change towns or residences, they still have old memories and these memories can be used to reinforce the loyalty. Even some of today's generation may feel that would like to go back to "the good, old times." They would also be enthusiastic about this type of a promotion. The subway restaurants may not have that much of history in their favor, but they may try to reinforce their image of being the early introducers of a new culture. (McRae, 1998). May be they can tie themselves up to the popular music of the time they were first launched. Other possibilities also exist. People have to think and think hard to promote restaurants. Restaurants now employ marketing agencies to promote their sales. NL partners is one such concern which deals with marketing and advertising and has been promoting sales for over 150 restaurants in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and northern New York State. (

Sub-way restaurants by means of creative toy concepts and promotional campaigns sub-way restaurants were also trying to sway kids into sub-way restaurants. ( A restaurant, O'Hara's Pub and grille in Brunswick, Ohio have had a continuous promotion scheme going on for the last 23 years, since it started. This gives free vacations to its customers to different locations like Cancun, Aruba, Orlando, and Las Vegas and so on. These are based on the results of their karaoke contest which is held for 10 weeks in the year. Every week the winners win $50 a week. The winners come back for a big contest at the end of the period. The winners in the big show compete for the trip to the location which is announced every year. The advantage of the karaoke contest is that it draws in a whole new crowd, and they all like to try their skills in front of the audience and the mike. The winner is happy, but all the losers have made money and free publicity for the restaurant.

Some may even come back to try their luck in subsequent years. These appeals to the young, sometimes even very young. However, they still pay money to the restaurant through the bills and provide entertainment through their performances. This promotional concept is now being extended by them with a Happy Hour Wheel. Here the patrons spin a wheel to win a trip. This is a new concept and may not have been so well thought out in terms of the marketing impact. That is one of the troubles with promotion. Sometimes we get so carried away with the success of a scheme that we try to repeat it in other areas without really analyzing whether the extension will be profitable or not. In common terms, it is like a price cut. Normally price cuts will bring additional customers and sales, but they also reduce profits. If one keeps continuously cutting prices, his volumes may increase, but he has also got to remember that as a businessman, he also must be profitable. Volumes and the total neglect of profits is not a proper business goal. This type of promotional schemes may appeal directly to the customers of Subway Restaurants. (

Sub-way restaurants are also expanding their sales by way of hosting websites on the Internet. (U.S. Food Marketing System, 2002) These websites would enable the customers to products of their choice from different restaurants. So the websites should be appealing to the customers in order to increase the sales. ( Just as one have promotions to increase the number of customers, the other… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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