Marketing Research: Apples' Products and Brands Case Study

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The threat to restricting customer options is that it could jeopardize if this technique carries on too long. Therefore, Apple Company could possibly box itself into a corner if they modify strategy too late to match clients (Deidu, 2012).


Apple Company is a relative newbie in the electronic consumables industry. Nevertheless, via advancement and courageous experimentation, they have completely changed the field. They still appear to be somewhat established in their old strategy as a PC hardware and software producer and also appear to be somewhat hesitant to modify their business methods, this could be a prospective drawback. This technique has so far been effective in the last several years as their consumer electronics have grown, but as technology continues modifying, they could easily be remaining behind by the next new items. Furthermore, they seem to be doing the same compatibility errors as they attempt to serve as a firm that engages everything, yet they are hesitant to give up control. Competitors should prevent their errors by opening up to cooperation and by collaborating with other high technical firms.


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Case Study on Marketing Research: Apples' Products and Brands Assignment

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